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  1. aphrodite
  2. suspense
  3. pandora
  4. stealth
  5. verbal irony
  1. a reader's feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, even anxiety over the out come of a story
  2. b avoiding detection by moving carefully
  3. c words are used to suggest the opposite of what is meant
  4. d godess of love, beauty, and fertility; trojan war
  5. e box, bad things, hope

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  1. after he was born he snuck out and stoll apolo's cattle. apollo was mad, but they traded for a turtlegod of messnegers, tricksters, theves;
  2. a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom
  3. god of under world, helm of darkness; persephone
  4. daughter of dyonessus, had three son with zeus while he was in for of a cow
  5. the descriptive or figurative language used in literature to create word pictures for the reader

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  1. motiflong narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heros


  2. ironywhen the expected outcome differs form the actual outcome


  3. demeterdominant idea in a story, part of the main theme


  4. denouementend of story; last on plot diagram


  5. rancorbox, bad things, hope


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