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  1. tone
  2. imagery
  3. metonomy
  4. perseus
  5. athena
  1. a attitude an author takes ttwords the subject of a work, character, or audience
  2. b the descriptive or figurative language used in literature to create word pictures for the reader
  3. c like a metaphor; compares two unlike objects where something stands for something else
  4. d kille medusa, and killed the man who kept his mom captive, killed moster, and ditched andromeda
  5. e godess of wisdom, war, crafts, cities, justice; born from zeus's head

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  1. intense and passionate feeling
  2. o marries e. e is killed by a snake, o goes to get her, he looks behind him, she goes back, he is killed by the women of thrace an his head is said to be still singing on the island of dlebose
  3. dominant idea in a story, part of the main theme
  4. some one larger than life
  5. elaborate comparison of unlike subjects

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  1. cupid and psychecupid falls in love with phyche. she is blown by winds to live in castle, only interacts with him at night, she hide light to see his face, she looses him b/c of that


  2. Epicgoat horns on head with human face and body; god of shperds, flocks


  3. situational ironythere is a contradition between what a character thinks and what the reader or audience knows to be true


  4. Artemisgod of war, blood lust, spirit of battle; caught in the act with aphrodite


  5. hestiagodess of marrige and child birth; zeus's wife


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