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  1. formidable
  2. hades
  3. denouement
  4. Epic
  5. ardor
  1. a long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heros
  2. b extremely impressive in strength or excellence
  3. c intense and passionate feeling
  4. d end of story; last on plot diagram
  5. e god of under world, helm of darkness; persephone

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  1. high point of action; top of plot diagram
  2. an event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the reader,or the audience
  3. someone who offers opposition
  4. daughter of zeus and leto, 1 of 12 Olympian gods; god of wild animals, hunt, and moon
  5. cupid falls in love with phyche. she is blown by winds to live in castle, only interacts with him at night, she hide light to see his face, she looses him b/c of that

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  1. symbolanything that stands for or represents something else


  2. demetergodess of agriculture, harvest, fertility


  3. tumultviolent agitation


  4. perseusafter he was born he snuck out and stoll apolo's cattle. apollo was mad, but they traded for a turtlegod of messnegers, tricksters, theves;


  5. expositionthe property of being extremely abundant


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