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  1. Which of the following would not be considered a 'strength' for Starbucks, using a SWOT analysis.

    a) Strong brand identity
    b) Retail and grocery store network
    c) Expansion in China
    d) None of the above
  2. constantly reminds customers of recently viewed items and informs them when stock is low in an effort to entice the customer to make a purchase. Zappos is trying to improve its ___________ rate
  3. When evaluating the attractiveness of the segment, if a segment is expected to react positively to the firm's offering, we say that the segment is
  4. In 2006, Ford Motor Company announced it would severely cut back automobile production. For parts companies supplying Ford Motor, this represented a(n):

    a) threat
    b) strategic plan
    c) opportunity
    d) strength
    e) weakness
    f) all of the above
  5. Typical demographic data include:

    a) Race
    b) Geographic region
    c) Income
    d) Gender
    e) All of the above
    f) None of the above
  1. a e) All of the above

    All of the listed choices were examples of demographic factors
  2. b a) threat

    For parts companies, Ford's actions represent external factors. A possible cutback in orders is a negative factor. An external negative factor is a threat
  3. c c) Expansion in China

    Expansion overseas is considered an 'opportunity'
  4. d responsive

    For a segmentation strategy to be successful, the customers in the segment must react similarly and positively to the firm's offering. This is referred to as a responsive segment.
  5. e conversion

    The conversion rate is percentage of purchase intentions that are converted into actual purchases.

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  1. c) Opportunity

    Higher gas prices should make consumers more likely to consider buying electric cars, so this is a positive factor. It is external to the firm since it is beyond the firm's control. An external positive factor is an opportunity
  2. b) perceptions

    The cultural differences between Americans and Indonesians have led to different perceptions of the meaning of the swastika symbol
  3. b) They speak different languages and comer from different cultures

    Asian consumers are not a single group-they come from many nations (i.e. China, Japan, Korea...) with different languages and cultures
  4. b) Place

    Place refers to getting products to customers when and where they need them. This is what electronic downloading of e-books offers.
  5. e) all of the above

    Each of these is an option to consider when positioning a product

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  1. Greta is concerned that one of the potential market segments she has identified for her dog grooming service is too small and has too little income to have sufficient buying power. Greta is concerned with whether the segment is:

    a) reachable
    b) profitable
    c) responsive
    d) substantial
    e) all of the above
    f) none of the above
    c) ease of accessing or developing distribution channels and brand familiarity

    Evaluation of profitability considers market growth, market competitiveness, and market access, along with ensuring that the profit margin will be sufficient to cover costs. Market access includes ease of developing or accessing distribution channels, and brand familiarity


  2. With respect to Alternative Evaluations during The Consumer Decision Process, Katie Smith know that there are a lot of apparel stores (_________ set). However, only some have the style that she is looking for, such as Macy's, Ann Taylor, The Gap, and Banana Republic (_________ set). She recalls that her Ann Taylor is where he mother shops and her sister loves Gap. Katie is sure that Banana Republic and Macy's carry business attire she would like, so only those stores are in her __________ set.d) reachable

    A segment is reachable if it can be reached for marketing communication and product distribution. Internet access has opened up many new ways to reach consumers


  3. A segment is _________ if it is large enough to be worth targeting, and if the segment members have sufficient buying power.value proposition


  4. Braddock University allows recent graduates to come back and take additional courses for free. By offering additional educational services, the university is enhancing its _____________ in an attempt to create value for its customers.

    a) Place strategy
    b) Product strategy
    c) Locational excellence strategy
    d) Segmentation strategy
    e) Diversification strategy
    b) Product strategy

    The product the students buy--a degree--is enhanced by the ability to take extra courses at no additional cost. Thus, this special offer is related to the product strategy.


  5. For U.S. businesses with strong export capabilities, expansion of U.S. trade agreements with other countries creates:

    a) Weaknesses
    b) Opportunities
    c) Threats
    d) Strategic plans
    e) Strengths
    b) They speak different languages and comer from different cultures

    Asian consumers are not a single group-they come from many nations (i.e. China, Japan, Korea...) with different languages and cultures


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