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  1. Jacinta manages the shoe department in a large department store. She will probably use ___________ to influence consumers' decisions while in her part of the store.

    a) promotions
    b) salespeople
    c) store atmospherics
    d) in-store demonstrations
    e) all of the above
    f) none of the above
  2. Many Hollywood movie stars were among the first to buy electric and hybrid vehicles. These stars often became __________, influencing other consumers' behavior.
  3. From a marketing perspective, what separates __________ from the generation before them is
    that they are individualistic, value leisure time as a high priority, and are trying to maintain their youth.
  4. _________________ are groups of people of the same generation who have similar purchase behavior because they have shared experiences, and are in the same stage of life.
  5. With respect to Alternative Evaluations during The Consumer Decision Process, Katie Smith know that there are a lot of apparel stores (_________ set). However, only some have the style that she is looking for, such as Macy's, Ann Taylor, The Gap, and Banana Republic (_________ set). She recalls that her Ann Taylor is where he mother shops and her sister loves Gap. Katie is sure that Banana Republic and Macy's carry business attire she would like, so only those stores are in her __________ set.
  1. a Generational cohorts
  2. b Baby Boomers
  3. c e) all of the above
  4. d Reference groups

    Celebrities can serve as a reference group, since some consumers like to identify with celebrities and to follow their lead
  5. e universal set; retrieval set; evoked set

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  1. d) Situational

    This is an example of a situational factor, taking advantage of a weather condition that creates specific needs
  2. c) Retail store growth in America
    d) Intense competition in the specialty and overall coffee market
  3. d) place

    By making sure the mobile network is available to use where and when customers want it, cellular service companies are working on place value creation
  4. substantial
  5. b) They speak different languages and comer from different cultures

    Asian consumers are not a single group-they come from many nations (i.e. China, Japan, Korea...) with different languages and cultures

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  1. Apple computer users tend to like the company and love its products. Apple has nurtured this __________ component of their customers' attitudes.

    a) social
    b) cognitive
    c) physiological
    d) psychological
    e) affective
    a) Promotion

    Ads displayed in search engines are examples of promotion


  2. What is value-based pricing?Setting price based on buyers' perceptions of value rather than on the seller's cost


  3. Among the factors affecting the consumer decision-making process is/are __________, the way consumers spend their time and money to live.

    a) life standards
    b) conspicuous consumption
    c) the demonstration effect
    d) external validation
    e) lifestyle
    f) none of the above
    c) A decision heuristic

    Product presentation is a decision heuristic--a shortcut to simplify and shorten the decision process.


  4. In 2006, Ford Motor Company announced it would severely cut back automobile production. For parts companies supplying Ford Motor, this represented a(n):

    a) threat
    b) strategic plan
    c) opportunity
    d) strength
    e) weakness
    f) all of the above
    a) threat

    For parts companies, Ford's actions represent external factors. A possible cutback in orders is a negative factor. An external negative factor is a threat


  5. Marketers often use principles and theories from __________ and __________ to decipher many consumer actions and develop basic strategies for dealing with their behaviorconsumers

    Perceptual maps measure perceptions of consumers, not of competitors or members of the firm


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