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  1. concur
  2. commemorative
  3. condescend
  4. conclusive
  5. concord
  1. a bestow courtesies with a superior air
    The king condescended to grant an audience to the friends of the condemned man.
  2. b harmony
    Watching Tweediedum and Tweedledee battle, Alice wondered why the two brothers could not manage to
    life in concord.
  3. c agree Did you concur with the decision of the court or did you find it unfair?
  4. d remembering; honoring
    The new commemorative stamp honors the late Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. e decisive; ending all debate
    When the stolen books turned up in John's locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
    mysterious thief.

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  1. adequate; deservedly severe
    The public approved the condign punishment for the crime.
  2. helpful; contributive
    Rest and proper diet are conducive to good health.
  3. complete; consummate; make perfect
    The waiter recommended a glass of port to complement the cheese.
  4. aqueduct; passageway for fluids
    Water was brought to the army in the desert by an improvised conduit from the adjoining mountain.
  5. listing of statistical information in tabular or book form
    The compilation of available scholarships serves a very valuable purpose.

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  1. compactbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  2. commiseratefeel or express pity or sympathy for
    Her friends commiserated with the widow.


  3. compacttightly packed; firm; brief
    His short, compact body was better suited to wrestling than to basketball.


  4. compellingoverpowering; irresistible in effect
    The prosecutor presented a well-reasoned case, but the defense attorney's compelling arguments for
    leniency won over the jury.


  5. commodiousspacious and comfortable
    After sleeping in a small roadside cabins, they found their hotel suite commodious.


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