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  1. complaisant
  2. compelling
  3. compilation
  4. compute
  5. concession
  1. a reckon; calculate
    He failed to compute the interest, so his bank balance was not accurate.
  2. b listing of statistical information in tabular or book form
    The compilation of available scholarships serves a very valuable purpose.
  3. c an act of yielding
    Before they could reach an agreement, both sides had to make certain concessions.
  4. d trying to please; obliging
    The courtier obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner.
  5. e overpowering; irresistible in effect
    The prosecutor presented a well-reasoned case, but the defense attorney's compelling arguments for
    leniency won over the jury.

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  1. in a coma; extremely sleepy
    The long-winded orator soon had his audience in a comatose state.
  2. tightly packed; firm; brief
    His short, compact body was better suited to wrestling than to basketball.
  3. agree Did you concur with the decision of the court or did you find it unfair?
  4. close; squeeze; contract
    She compressed the package under her arm.
  5. brief and compact
    When you define a new word, be concise; the shorter the definition, the easier it is to remember.

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  1. concordharmony
    Watching Tweediedum and Tweedledee battle, Alice wondered why the two brothers could not manage to
    life in concord.


  2. complianttrying to please; obliging
    The courtier obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner.


  3. concurrenthappening at the same time
    In America, the colonists were resisting the demands of the mother contry; at the concurrent moment in
    France, the middle class was sowing the seeds of rebellion.


  4. conciliatorymaking up for; repaying
    Can a compensatory education program make up for the inadequate schooling he received in earlier years?


  5. componentelement; ingredient
    I wish all the components of my stereo system were working at the same time.


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