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  1. compunction
  2. complaisant
  3. conclave
  4. commiserate
  5. concerted
  1. a remorse
    The judge was especially severe in this sentencing because he felt that the criminal had shown no
    compunction for his heinous crime.
  2. b private meeting
    He was present at all their conclaves as an unofficial observer.
  3. c mutually agreed on; done together
    The girl scouts in the troop made a concerted effort to raise funds for their annual outing, and emitted a
    concerted sigh when their leader announced that they had reached their goal.
  4. d trying to please; obliging
    The courtier obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner.
  5. e feel or express pity or sympathy for
    Her friends commiserated with the widow.

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  1. spacious and comfortable
    After sleeping in a small roadside cabins, they found their hotel suite commodious.
  2. harmony
    Watching Tweediedum and Tweedledee battle, Alice wondered why the two brothers could not manage to
    life in concord.
  3. seasonings; spices
    Spanish food is full of condiments.
  4. listing of statistical information in tabular or book form
    The compilation of available scholarships serves a very valuable purpose.
  5. to draft for military purposes; to take for public use
    The policeman commandeered the first car that approached and ordered the driver to go to the nearest

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  1. compressclose; squeeze; contract
    She compressed the package under her arm.


  2. concuragree Did you concur with the decision of the court or did you find it unfair?


  3. componentyielding
    He was compliant and ready to go along with his friends' desires.


  4. compactagreement; contract
    The signers of the Mayflower Compact were establishing a form of government.


  5. compriseclose; squeeze; contract
    She compressed the package under her arm.


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