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  1. carnage
  2. caption
  3. cadaverous
  4. categorical
  5. cardinal
  1. a title; chapter heading; text under illustration
    I find the captions that accompany these cartoons very clever and humorous.
  2. b without exceptions; unqualified; absolute
    Though the captain claimed he was never, never sick at sea, he finally qualified his categorical denial; he
    was hardly ever sick at sea.
  3. c destruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.
  4. d chief
    If you want to increase your word power, the cardinal rule of vocabulary-building is to read.
  5. e like a corpse; pale
    From his cadaverous appearance, we could see how the disease had ravaged him.

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  1. rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat
    Marching down the road, the troops sang out, following the cadence set by the sergeant.
  2. fickle; incalculable
    The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
  3. causing cancer
    Many supposedly harmless substances have been revealed to be carcinogenic.
  4. coax; wheedle (dỗ ngọt để ai đó làm lợi cho bản thân)
    I will not be cajoled into granting your wish.
  5. meat-eating
    The lion is a carnivorous animal.

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  1. cadaverability; capacity
    A man of such caliber should not be assigned such menial tasks.


  2. cannypious phraseology; jargon of criminals
    (Angry that the president had slashed the education budget, we dismissed his speech on the importance of education as mere cant. lời đạo đức giả)


  3. candorfrankness- probity - incorruptibility


  4. cantatastory set to music, to be sung by a chorus
    The choral society sang the new cantata composed by its leader.


  5. calorificwhim
    She was an unpredictable creature, acting on caprice, never taking thought of the consequences.


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