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  1. carnage
  2. capitulate
  3. cant
  4. callous
  5. catastrophe
  1. a hardened; unfeeling; heartless
    (He had worked in the hospital for so many years that he was callous to the suffering in the wards.)
  2. b destruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.
  3. c pious phraseology; jargon of criminals
    (Angry that the president had slashed the education budget, we dismissed his speech on the importance of education as mere cant. lời đạo đức giả)
  4. d calamity
    The Johnstown flood was a catastrophe.
  5. e surrender
    The enemy was warned to capitulate or face annihilation.

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  1. corpse
  2. having a very fine bore
  3. serious or fatal accident (tai nạn - nạn nhân)
    The number of automotive casualties on this holiday weekend was high.
  4. distortion; burlesque
    buc biem hoa
  5. ill-humored; irritable- irascible
    Constantly complaining about his treatment and refusing to cooperate with the hospital staff, he was a
    cantankerous patient.

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  1. categoricaldrunken revel (cuộc chè chén)
    The party degenerated into an ugly carousal.


  2. cataractslingshot; hurling machine
    Airplanes are sometimes launched from battleships by catapults.


  3. candorfrankness- probity - incorruptibility


  4. casten v. gallop
    phi nuoc kieu


  5. castigationpunishment; severe criticism
    Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews.


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