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  1. callow
  2. catechism
  3. catapult
  4. cardinal
  5. caption
  1. a book for religious instruction; instruction by question and answer
    He taught by engaging his pupils in a catechism until they gave him the correct answer.
  2. b youthful; immature
    In that youthful movement, the leaders were only a little less callow than their immature followers.
  3. c chief
    If you want to increase your word power, the cardinal rule of vocabulary-building is to read.
  4. d slingshot; hurling machine
    Airplanes are sometimes launched from battleships by catapults.
  5. e title; chapter heading; text under illustration
    I find the captions that accompany these cartoons very clever and humorous.

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  1. division of a long poem
    Dante's poetic masterpiece The Divine Comedy is divided into cantos.
  2. fault-finding; captious; critical
    (Welcoming constructive criticism, Lexy appreciated her editor's comments, finding them free of carping.)
  3. hiding place
    The detectives followed the suspects until he led them to the cache where he had stored his loot.
  4. set of bells capable of being played
    The carillon in the bell tower of the Coca-Cola pavilion at the New York World's Fair provided musical
    entertainment every hour.
  5. disaster; misery
    As news of the calamity spread, offers of relief poured in to the stricken community.

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  1. catastropheone of the hereditary classes in Hindu society, social stratification; prestige (giai cấp)
    (The differences created by caste in India must be wiped out if true democracy is to prevail in that country.)


  2. capitulatesurrender
    The enemy was warned to capitulate or face annihilation.


  3. cadencewhim
    She was an unpredictable creature, acting on caprice, never taking thought of the consequences.


  4. capillaryhaving a very fine bore


  5. cascadehiding place
    The detectives followed the suspects until he led them to the cache where he had stored his loot.


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