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  1. dock
  2. elbow
  3. withers
  4. heel
  5. cutters
  1. a forelimb joint formed by distal humerus, proximal radius, and proximal ulna
  2. b caudal region of the hoof that has an area of soft tissue called the bulb
  3. c region over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin
  4. d solid part of the equine tail
  5. e second incisors of equine

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  1. hollow area of the flank whose boundaries are the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae (dorsally), the last rib (cranially), and the thigh muscles (caudally)
  2. area of the limb between the fetlock and hoof
  3. crainal side of the hoof
  4. side of the body between the ribs and ilium
  5. femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds

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  1. quarterlateral or medial side of hoof


  2. white linefusion between the wall and sole of the hoof


  3. tailregion of long, coarse hair at the dorsal boarder of the neck and terminating at the pole


  4. hoofV-shaped pad of soft horn between the bars on the sole of the equine hoof.


  5. pastern jointarea of the limb between the fetlock and hoof


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