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  1. dock
  2. udder
  3. croup
  4. muzzle
  5. fetlock joint
  1. a muscular area around and above the tail base
  2. b metarcapophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joint (joint between the cannon bone and long pastern bone [phalanx 1] in ungulates
  3. c mammary gland
  4. d two nostrils (including the skin and fascia) and the muscles of the upper and lower lip
  5. e solid part of the equine tail

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  1. forelimb joint formed by distal humerus, proximal radius, and proximal ulna
  2. capacity of the chest of trunk
  3. circumference of the chest just caudal tot he shoulders and cranial to the back
  4. femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds
  5. the top of the head; occiput; nuchal crest

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  1. nippersregion over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin


  2. shouldermammary gland


  3. paralumbar fossahollow area of the flank whose boundaries are the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae (dorsally), the last rib (cranially), and the thigh muscles (caudally)


  4. hoofcrainal side of the hoof


  5. kneeregion of long, coarse hair at the dorsal boarder of the neck and terminating at the pole


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