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  1. mane
  2. corners
  3. sole
  4. elbow
  5. udder
  1. a forelimb joint formed by distal humerus, proximal radius, and proximal ulna
  2. b palmar and planter surface of the hoof; irregular crescent-shapped bottom of the hoof
  3. c mammary gland
  4. d region of long, coarse hair at the dorsal boarder of the neck and terminating at the pole
  5. e third incisors of equine

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  1. side of the body between the ribs and ilium
  2. third metacarpal of the horse; also called the shin bone
  3. two nostrils (including the skin and fascia) and the muscles of the upper and lower lip
  4. the area of the limb between the pastern and the cannon
  5. femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds

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  1. forelockin maned animals, the most cranial part of the mane hanging down between the ears and onto the forehead


  2. coronary band (coronet)junction between the skin and the horn of the hoof


  3. hoofwallhard covering of the digit in ungulates


  4. quarterarea of the limb between the fetlock and hoof


  5. teatcrainal side of the hoof


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