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  1. loin
  2. toe
  3. stifle joint
  4. Barrel
  5. cheek
  1. a capacity of the chest of trunk
  2. b lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis
  3. c femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds
  4. d fleshy portion of either side of the face; forms the side of the mouth and continues rostrally to the lips
  5. e crainal side of the hoof

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  1. forelimb joint formed by distal humerus, proximal radius, and proximal ulna
  2. V-shaped pad of soft horn between the bars on the sole of the equine hoof.
  3. muscular portion of the hind-limb between the stifle and the hock
  4. lateral or medial side of hoof
  5. horny, irregular growths on the medial surface of the equine leg; in the front legs, the chestnuts are just above the knee; in the rear legs the chestnuts are near the hock

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  1. solecrainal side of the hoof


  2. ergotsmall keratinized mass of horn in a small bunch of hair on the palmar or plantar aspects of the equine fetlock


  3. pastern jointProximal interphalangeal joint (joint between the long and short pastern bones [phalanges I and II, respectively]) in ungulates.


  4. coffin jointfemorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds


  5. pollthe top of the head; occiput; nuchal crest


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