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  1. poll
  2. frog
  3. heel
  4. withers
  5. mane
  1. a the top of the head; occiput; nuchal crest
  2. b caudal region of the hoof that has an area of soft tissue called the bulb
  3. c region of long, coarse hair at the dorsal boarder of the neck and terminating at the pole
  4. d V-shaped pad of soft horn between the bars on the sole of the equine hoof.
  5. e region over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin

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  1. third incisors of equine
  2. central incisors of equine
  3. capacity of the chest of trunk
  4. two nostrils (including the skin and fascia) and the muscles of the upper and lower lip
  5. small keratinized mass of horn in a small bunch of hair on the palmar or plantar aspects of the equine fetlock

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  1. tailcaudal part of the vertebrate column extending beyond the trunk


  2. solepalmar and planter surface of the hoof; irregular crescent-shapped bottom of the hoof


  3. cheekfleshy portion of either side of the face; forms the side of the mouth and continues rostrally to the lips


  4. coffin jointdistal interphalangeal joint (joint between the short pastern and the coffin bones [phalanges 11 and 111, respectively]) in ungulates


  5. forelockin maned animals, the most cranial part of the mane hanging down between the ears and onto the forehead


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