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Veterinary Medical Terminology- Common Anatomical Terms for Goats Test

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  1. pastern joint
  2. flank
  3. tail
  4. dewclaw
  5. pedal
  1. a proximal interphalangeal joint (joint between the long and short pastern bones I and II) in ungulates
  2. b an accessory claw of the ruminant foot that projects caudally from the fetlock
  3. c pertaining to the foot
  4. d the side of the body extending from the ribs to the ilium
  5. e caudal part of the vertebral column extending beyond the trunk

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  1. thoracic region of the back
  2. the circumference of the chest, just caudal to the shoulders and cranial to the back
  3. corresponds to the human knee, the joint connecting femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds
  4. palmar or planter surface of the hoof; bottom of the hoof.
  5. dorsal surface of the cranium

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  1. horn buttsite of previous horn growth on the poll region of the head between the eyes and ears


  2. hockprostrusion of the wing of the ilium on the dorsal-lateral area of the ruminants


  3. crestdorsal margin of the neck


  4. kneecarpal bones (mid-lower front legs) carpus in ungulates


  5. wattlepalmar or planter surface of the hoof; bottom of the hoof.


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