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Veterinary Medical Terminology- Common Anatomical Terms for Goats Test

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  1. paralumbar fossa
  2. hoof (foot)
  3. cannon bone (shin bone)
  4. wattle
  5. fetlock joint
  1. a appendages suspended from the head
  2. b hollow area of the flank whose boundries are the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae (dorsally), the last rib (cranially), and the thigh muscles (caudally)
  3. c hard covering of the digit in ungulates
  4. d metacarpophalangeal matatarsophalangeal joint (joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone
  5. e third and fourth metacarpal of the ruminant

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  1. distal interphalangeal joint (joint between the short pastern and coffin bones)
  2. dorsal surface of the cranium
  3. region over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin
  4. dorsal margin of the neck
  5. the cranial end of the hoof

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  1. stiflecorresponds to the human knee, the joint connecting femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds


  2. flankthe side of the body extending from the ribs to the ilium


  3. hooksthe tarsal bones


  4. muzzleappendages suspended from the head


  5. elbowthe cranial end of the hoof


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