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  1. hooks
  2. hoof wall
  3. wattle
  4. forearm
  5. hock
  1. a hard, horny outer layer of the covering of the digit in ungulates
  2. b appendages suspended from the head
  3. c the tarsal bones
  4. d part of the foreleg supported by the radius and the ulna, between the elbow and the knee
  5. e prostrusion of the wing of the ilium on the dorsal-lateral area of the ruminants

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  1. the nipple of the mammary gland
  2. the cranial end of the hoof
  3. pertaining to the foot
  4. region of the head between the eyes and the ears
  5. two nostrils (including th eskin and fascia and the muscles of the upper and lower lip

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  1. brisketmass of connective tissue, muscle, and fat covering the cranioventral part of the ruminant chest between the forelegs (front of the chest between the two front legs just above the chest floor)


  2. polldorsal surface of the cranium


  3. heel (bulb)the rear or caudal region of the hoof


  4. heart girthsite of previous horn growth on the poll region of the head between the eyes and ears


  5. tailcaudal part of the vertebral column extending beyond the trunk


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