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  1. fetlock joint
  2. horn butt
  3. hock
  4. withers
  5. rump
  1. a site of previous horn growth on the poll region of the head between the eyes and ears
  2. b the tarsal bones
  3. c region over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin
  4. d metacarpophalangeal matatarsophalangeal joint (joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone
  5. e sacral to the tail end region of the back

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  1. the nipple of the mammary gland
  2. part of the foreleg supported by the radius and the ulna, between the elbow and the knee
  3. dorsal surface of the cranium
  4. appendages suspended from the head
  5. the lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis

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  1. chinethoracic region of the back


  2. elbowthe lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis


  3. dewclawan accessory claw of the ruminant foot that projects caudally from the fetlock


  4. udderpertaining to the foot


  5. tailcaudal part of the vertebral column extending beyond the trunk


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