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  1. ventricular myocardium contraction (as a unit)
  2. brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid, left subclavian
  3. epicardium, visceral pericardium
  4. closed
  5. the pulmonic valve closes when the blood pressure within the pulmonary trunk exceeds blood pressure within the right ventricle. the aortic valve closes when the bp within the aorta exceeds the bp within the left ventricle
  1. a what causes papillary muscle to contract
  2. b list the 3 aortic arch vessels
  3. c a pericardial layer is synonymous with the outer layer of the heart wall
  4. d is the aortic valve open or closed during diastole
  5. e briefly describe the mechanism of semilunar valve closure

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  1. what is the function of trabeculae carnae
  2. what medical procedure is employed to relieve a cardiac tamponade
  3. raided muscle bundles in the anterior wall of the right atrium and the left and right auricles
  4. why is it important to have normal heart valve function
  5. the apex of the heart is composed mostly of which chamber

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  1. pulmonic and aorticwhat is the name of the potential space


  2. right ventriclemost of the anterior heart surface is composed of which heart chamber


  3. atrial appendageswhat is another name for atrial auricles


  4. cone shapedwhat is the shape of the right ventricle


  5. the brain and right armwhat are the regions supplied by the brachiocephalic trunk


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