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  1. the tricuspid and mitral valves close when the blood pressure within the ventricles exceeds blood pressure within the atria
  2. interatrial septum
  3. mediastinum
  4. coaptation
  5. valve cusps/leaflets coapt normally because the papillary muscles are "pulling" on the chordae tendonae attached to the free border of the valve cusps/leaflets
  1. a normal tight closure of valve cusps/leaflets is known as
  2. b name the structure that divides the right and left atria
  3. c within what body compartment is the heart located
  4. d what happens to the valves when the papillary muscles contract
  5. e briefly describe the mechanism of av valve closure

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  1. name the 2 av valves
  2. describe the flow of blood throught the heart
  3. briefly describe the mitral valve
  4. name the innermost layer of the heart wall
  5. Contraction of the inter-ventricular septum facilitates ejection of blood from which heart chamber

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  1. electrical insulator, prevent overstretching of hear valves, foundation for heart valve structure, insertion point for atrial and ventricular myocardiumlist the 4 functions of fibrous skeleton


  2. prevent bubble formation as blood flows rapidly and turbulently through the ventricleswhat is the function of trabeculae carnae


  3. tricuspid and mitralwhat is the name of the potential space


  4. tricuspid and mitralwhat are the regions supplied by the brachiocephalic trunk


  5. annulusis the aortic valve open or closed during diastole


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