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  1. from the superior,inferior vena cavas, and coronary sinus into the right atrium, through the tricuspid and into the right ventricle, through the pulmonary valve, into the pumonary trunk, into the pulmonary arteries and into the lungs. oxygenated blood from the lungs passes through the pulmonary veins into the left atrium, through the mitral valve and into the left ventricle, through the aortic valve and into the ascending aorta
  2. conus arteriosus of the right ventricle
  3. atrial appendages
  4. the pulmonic valve closes when the blood pressure within the pulmonary trunk exceeds blood pressure within the right ventricle. the aortic valve closes when the blood pressure within the aorta exceeds the blood pressure within the left ventricle
  5. papillary muscles
  1. a what is another name for atrial auricles
  2. b briefly describe the mechanism of semilunar valve closure
  3. c describe the flow of blood throught the heart
  4. d cone shaped projections of myocardium (trabeculae carnae) located in both ventricles
  5. e what is the only area of the ventricles that does not have trabeculae carnae

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  1. within what body compartment is the heart located
  2. name the 2 av valves
  3. briefly describe the mechanism of av valve closure
  4. fibrous tissue ring that forms the base of each heart valve
  5. what happens to the valves when the papillary muscles contract

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  1. causes an increased risk of blood clot formation which can pass into the lungs or into the brainwhat is the function of pectinate muscles


  2. ascending, descending, aortic archwhen the atria contract which valves are closed


  3. right ventriclethe apex of the heart is composed mostly of which chamber


  4. fibrous pericardiumwhat is a non-elastic tissue layer that composes the outermost layer of the pericardium. it is visible when the chest is opened


  5. diastoleth coronary arteries are perfused during which phase of the cardiac cycle


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