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  1. tricuspid and mitral
  2. perietal
  3. papillary muscles
  4. the left arm
  1. a which pericardium is adherent to the underside of the fibrous pericardium
  2. b which 2 heart valves are affected by the function of papillary muscles
  3. c cone shaped projections of myocardium (trabeculae carnae) located in both ventricles
  4. d what is the region supplied by the left subclavian

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  1. list the 3 aortic arch vessels
  2. Contraction of the inter-ventricular septum facilitates ejection of blood from which heart chamber
  3. what are the regions supplied by the brachiocephalic trunk
  4. what is the function of pectinate muscles
  5. list the 3 regions of the thoracic aorta

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  1. composed of two cusps/leaflets, allows passive blood flow from left atrium to left ventricle, and prevents retrograde blood flow into the left atriumbriefly describe the mitral valve


  2. causes an increased risk of blood clot formation which can pass into the lungs or into the brainbriefly explain the clinical significance of stagnant blood flow in the auricles


  3. crescent shapewhat is the shape of the right ventricle


  4. trabeculae carnearaised muscle bundles located in both ventricles


  5. serous pericardiumname the innermost layer of the heart wall


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