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  1. diastole
  2. trabeculae carnea
  3. tricuspid and mitral
  4. crescent shape
  5. right ventricle
  1. a which 2 heart valves are affected by the function of papillary muscles
  2. b th coronary arteries are perfused during which phase of the cardiac cycle
  3. c raised muscle bundles located in both ventricles
  4. d what is the shape of the right ventricle
  5. e most of the anterior heart surface is composed of which heart chamber

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  1. when the ventricles contract which valves are open
  2. cone shaped projections of myocardium (trabeculae carnae) located in both ventricles
  3. this is an electrical short cut that conducts myocardial action potentials rapidly fron the inter ventricular septum to the papilllary muscles on the lateral side of the right ventricle
  4. name the 2 av valves
  5. what medical procedure is employed to relieve a cardiac tamponade

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  1. vascular resistancewhat is the name of the potential space


  2. myocardiumname the innermost layer of the heart wall


  3. fibrous pericardiumwhat is a non-elastic tissue layer that composes the outermost layer of the pericardium. it is visible when the chest is opened


  4. composed of two cusps/leaflets, allows passive blood flow from left atrium to left ventricle, and prevents retrograde blood flow into the left atriumbriefly describe the mitral valve


  5. conus arteriosus of the right ventriclemost of the anterior heart surface is composed of which heart chamber


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