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  1. increase force of atrial contraction without increasing heart mass
  2. endocardium
  3. the brain
  4. pericardial space
  5. myocardium
  1. a what is the name of the potential space
  2. b what is the region supplied by the left common carotid
  3. c which wall of the heart is the thickest
  4. d what is the function of pectinate muscles
  5. e name the innermost layer of the heart wall

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  1. raided muscle bundles in the anterior wall of the right atrium and the left and right auricles
  2. name the structure that divides the right and left atria
  3. what is the function of trabeculae carnae
  4. what causes papillary muscle to contract
  5. briefly describe the mechanism of av valve closure

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  1. epicardium, visceral pericardiuma pericardial layer is synonymous with the outer layer of the heart wall


  2. the heart is compressed, so it does not pump blood wellwhy is it important to have normal heart valve function


  3. causes an increased risk of blood clot formation which can pass into the lungs or into the brainbriefly explain the clinical significance of stagnant blood flow in the auricles


  4. annulusth coronary arteries are perfused during which phase of the cardiac cycle


  5. pulmonic and aorticwhen the ventricles contract which valves are closed


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