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  1. Functions of the nose
  2. just superior to lobule
  3. sphenoid sinus drainage
  4. Motor component of Gag Reflex
  5. tubal tonsils
  1. a Above the superior nasal concha
    Called: sphenoethmoidal recess.
    -Tilt head forward to drain
  2. b antitragus
  3. c CN 10 (Vagus)
  4. d some protection from infection
    located near the pharyngotympanic tube in the NASOpharynx
  5. e -airway passage
    -moisten & warm air
    -filter air
    -resonating chamber for speech
    -houses olfactory receptors

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  1. posterior to palantine tonsil
  2. Space between the teeth and cheek
    (gets big when you blow your cheeks out)
  3. oval window
  4. pharyngeal tonsils
    in posterior wall of NASOpharynx
    destroys pathogens
  5. CN 9

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  1. labial frenulumstring-like skin from the gums (gingiva) between front two teeth to the cheek
    (under the tongue = lingual frenulum)


  2. hiatus semilunarisridge along the middle of auricle


  3. frontal sinus and maxillary sinus drainage locationthrough infundibulum into semilunar hiatus (middle meatus @ hiatus semilunaris)


  4. result of trauma, which tears fibers in cribiform plateanosmia (no smell) associated with TBI


  5. Membranous Labyrinth3 part cavity:semicircular canals, vestibule, cochlea


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