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  1. Fauces
  2. Motor component of Gag Reflex
  3. submental, submandibular, buccal & parotid lymph nodes
  4. Two tonsils of OROpharynx
  5. contained in bony labyrinth
  1. a palantine - lateral walls under fauces
    lingual - on posterior tongue surface
  2. b perilymph fluid
  3. c arch-like entranceway inside the mouth.
    Extends from soft palate to epiglottis
  4. d CN 10 (Vagus)
  5. e Flow strait to deep cervical nodes

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  1. both flow to the superficial cervical nodes, located along the EJV (Superficial to the SCM).

    From superficial cervical nodes -> deep
  2. superior meatus
  3. endolymph fluid
  4. Bipolar neuron:
    axons to nasal mucosa
    soma (cell body) found in olfactory bulb
    olfactory track -> medial temporal lobe
  5. 3 part cavity:semicircular canals, vestibule, cochlea

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  1. Helixridge along the middle of auricle


  2. tubal tonsilssome protection from infection
    located near the pharyngotympanic tube in the NASOpharynx


  3. sphenoid sinus drainageinferior meatus (below inferior conchae)


  4. Stapes attachment to inner earCochlea
    semicircular canals


  5. result of trauma, which tears fibers in cribiform plateanosmia (no smell) associated with TBI


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