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  1. Wharton's duct
  2. antihelix
  3. adenoids
  4. just superior to lobule
  5. Motor component of Gag Reflex
  1. a CN 10 (Vagus)
  2. b antitragus
  3. c from submandibular gland
    -opens under the tongue to either side of the lingual frenulum
  4. d ridge along the middle of auricle
  5. e pharyngeal tonsils
    in posterior wall of NASOpharynx
    destroys pathogens

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  1. through infundibulum into semilunar hiatus (middle meatus @ hiatus semilunaris)
  2. little bump over the anterior side of external acoustic meatus
  3. superior meatus
  4. Middle meatus
  5. both flow to the superficial cervical nodes, located along the EJV (Superficial to the SCM).

    From superficial cervical nodes -> deep

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  1. Stapes attachment to inner earoval window


  2. Fauceslittle bump over the anterior side of external acoustic meatus


  3. Olfactory neuronsBipolar neuron:
    axons to nasal mucosa
    soma (cell body) found in olfactory bulb
    olfactory track -> medial temporal lobe


  4. Fxn of retropharyngeal spaceAllows the esophagus to move in relation to the vertebral column during swallowing.
    Clinical significance: allows the spread of infections to the mediastinum


  5. submental, submandibular, buccal & parotid lymph nodesFlow strait to deep cervical nodes


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