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  1. Arduous
  2. Ashen
  3. Fruitfulness
  4. Cowered
  5. Callous
  1. a crouched and trembled in fear
  2. b producing good results; beneficial; profitable
  3. c paleness that suggests fright or terror
  4. d difficult to accomplish
  5. e emotionally hardened

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  1. to detest; to hate strongly
  2. personal characteristics that are inherited at birth
  3. the elevation of a person (as to the status of a god)
  4. confused, puzzled or bewildered
  5. gullible, unaware

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  1. Impetuousimpulsive


  2. Subsidedbadly injured


  3. Devouredeat it quickly and eagerly


  4. Contemplatedto consider carefully


  5. Ponderedcrouched and trembled in fear


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