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  1. Leucoplasts
  2. Activation Energy
  3. Intermediate Filaments
  4. Phospholipid
  5. Hypertonic Solution
  1. a A solution in which the concentration of solutes is greater than that of the cell that resides in the solution
  2. b Energy necessary to get a chemical reaction going
  3. c Organelles that store starches or oils
  4. d A lipid in which one of the fatty acid molecules has been replaced by a molecule that contains a phosphate group
  5. e Threadlike proteins in the cell's cytoskeleton that are roughly twice as thick as microfilaments

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  1. Collapse of a walled cell's cytoplasm due to the lack of water
  2. The motion of cytoplasm in a cell that results in coordinated movement of the cell's contents
  3. A larger vacuole that rests at the center of most plant cells and is filled with a solution that contains a high concentration of solutes
  4. A highly-porous membrane that separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm
  5. The organelle in animal cells responsible for hydrolysis reactions that break down proteins, polysaccharides, disaccharides, and some lipids

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  1. ChromoplastsOrganelles that contain pigments used in photosynthesis


  2. Golgi BodiesNon-membrane-bounded organelles responsible for proteins synthesis


  3. CytoskeletonA network of fibers that holds the cell together, helps the cell to keep its shape, and aids in movement


  4. CytolysisA jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended


  5. Cell WallA rigid substance on the outside of certain cells, usually plant and animal cells


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