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  1. tRNA
  2. disruptive selection
  3. what does meiosis begin with? end with?
  4. aerobic respiration
  5. morphological convergence
  1. a link between the nucleotide sequence of nucleic acids and the amino acids sequence
  2. b diploid cells, haploid cells
  3. c Cellular respiration that uses oxygen, sequentially releasing energy and storing it in ATP
  4. d dissimilar body parts evolved in similar ways but were in evolutionary distant lineages
  5. e natural selection that favors individuals with either extreme of a trait

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  1. Oxygen added to the atmosphere by autotrophs performing photosynthesis
  2. Nucleus
  3. directional selection
  4. proteins
  5. Process that occurs when soils in arid areas are brought under cultivation through irrigation. In arid climates, water evaporates quickly off the ground surface, leaving salty residues that render the soil infertile.

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  1. hydrolysissplit molecules at specific groups, then attach one -OH group with an H atom at the exposed sites


  2. what is a monophyletic group?the scientific study of evolutionary relationships


  3. how many atoms can carbon covalently bond with?between the ocean and the atmosphere


  4. physiological traitschange from the body form of a common ancestor


  5. new species definitiona species is defined by its physical, structural, and functional traits that sets them apart from other species


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