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  1. what elements could have played a role in the evolution of primates?
  2. mitochondrial DNA
  3. speciation
  4. where does carbon cycling occur?
  5. autotroph
  1. a The process by which a new species evolves from a prior species, the most basic process in macroevolution.
  2. b A small amount of DNA that is located in the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only through the mother.
  3. c between the ocean and the atmosphere
  4. d alu elements
  5. e An organism that makes its own food

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  1. individual subunits of a larger molecule
  2. organism that makes organic carbon molecules from carbon dioxide using energy from chemical reactions
  3. three gases that consist only of carbon and hydrogen (methane, ethane, and ethylene)
  4. proteins
  5. the circulation of nitrogen

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  1. new species definitionnatural selection that favors individuals with either extreme of a trait


  2. What is the backbone of DN?highly organized nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane, characteristic of higher organisms


  3. What are codons?triplets in which mRNAs bases are read, when docked at a ribosome.


  4. hydridizationbreeding technique that involves crossing dissimilar individuals to bring together the traits of both organisms


  5. hydrolysisProcess by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment


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