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  1. chemoautotroph
  2. specific spot of a gene on a chromosome
  3. Carbonyl
  4. What at hydro carbons?
  5. what are the only groups of prokaryotic cells?
  1. a Highly reactive and prone to electron transfers
  2. b three gases that consist only of carbon and hydrogen (methane, ethane, and ethylene)
  3. c archaens and bacteria
  4. d gene locus
  5. e organism that makes organic carbon molecules from carbon dioxide using energy from chemical reactions

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  1. Stabilizing selection
  2. a species is one or more group of individual that interbreed, produce fertile offspring, and are reproductively isolated from other such groups
  3. cells absorb molecules by engulfing them
  4. pyrimidines
  5. proteins

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  1. how is spectral karyotyping done?a range of dyes is used that bind to specific parts of chromosomes


  2. nitrogen cyclethe circulation of nitrogen


  3. hom many chromosomes do humans have?46


  4. organellessmall sacs bounded to membranes that divide the interior of eukaryotic cells into functional compartments


  5. what does adenine pair with in DNA to RNA transfer?uracil


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