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  1. what are thymine and cytosine?
  2. what is a eukaryon?
  3. how is spectral karyotyping done?
  4. homeostasis
  5. Black people have more of this than white people
  1. a Melonin
  2. b Process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment
  3. c a range of dyes is used that bind to specific parts of chromosomes
  4. d pyrimidines
  5. e highly organized nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane, characteristic of higher organisms

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  1. nucleotides
  2. archaens and bacteria
  3. Process that occurs when soils in arid areas are brought under cultivation through irrigation. In arid climates, water evaporates quickly off the ground surface, leaving salty residues that render the soil infertile.
  4. the structure and dimensions of DNA
  5. 2

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  1. What does the Krebs Cycle consist of?Oxygen added to the atmosphere by autotrophs performing photosynthesis


  2. what gene is associated specifically with males?sry


  3. what is phylogeny?triplets in which mRNAs bases are read, when docked at a ribosome.


  4. hydrolysissplit molecules at specific groups, then attach one -OH group with an H atom at the exposed sites


  5. This number results from meiosis reducing the parental chromosome number by halfmove most mineral through terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems


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