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  1. what gene is associated specifically with males?
  2. salinization
  3. evolution occurs in this unit of life
  4. mitochondrial DNA
  5. microevolution
  1. a Process that occurs when soils in arid areas are brought under cultivation through irrigation. In arid climates, water evaporates quickly off the ground surface, leaving salty residues that render the soil infertile.
  2. b sry
  3. c population
  4. d A small amount of DNA that is located in the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only through the mother.
  5. e evolution on the smallest scaleā€”a generation-to-generation change in the frequencies of alleles within a population

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  1. Sugar-phospate
  2. physical barriers stop gene flow among populations or subpopulations of a species. Interbreeding will no longer be possible in the offspring.
  3. two chromosomes that are similar in height, shape, and genetic material
  4. 46
  5. adaptation that lasts only as long as the individual organisms does (plants in windy places)

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  1. What is somatic cell nuclear transfer?when descendants of a stem cell, used for therapeutic cloning go on to differentiate into cell types of specific organs and tissues


  2. What are codons?triplets in which mRNAs bases are read, when docked at a ribosome.


  3. what does adenine pair with in DNA to RNA transfer?purines


  4. specific spot of a gene on a chromosomegene locus


  5. carboxylmakes carbonyl reactive, when combined with amino and fatty acids


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