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  1. What caused the great dying
  2. What are molecules assmebled from?
  3. 1. Organism consist of one or more cells
    2. The cell is the smallest unit of organization that displays the properties of life
    3. Continuity of life arises directly from the growth and division of single cells
  4. what are adenine and guanine?
  5. What is somatic cell nuclear transfer?
  1. a sudden spike of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  2. b when descendants of a stem cell, used for therapeutic cloning go on to differentiate into cell types of specific organs and tissues
  3. c Cell Theory
  4. d cellular pools of sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleotides
  5. e purines

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  1. An organism that makes its own food
  2. gene
  3. Any factor that acts to reduce or block the flow of genes between two populations
  4. proteins
  5. sry

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  1. is the cell membrane fluid, solid, or gaseous?fluid


  2. peppered moths in polluted forests are an example of thisdirectional selection


  3. biospherethe part of earth where life exists


  4. what do all cells start out with?cells absorb molecules by engulfing them


  5. what is the endocytic pathway?cells absorb molecules by engulfing them


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