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  1. shorterm adaptation
  2. monomers
  3. homeotic gene
  4. What caused the great dying
  5. what are the only groups of prokaryotic cells?
  1. a sudden spike of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  2. b guide the formation of tissues and organs into orderly patterns
  3. c individual subunits of a larger molecule
  4. d adaptation that lasts only as long as the individual organisms does (plants in windy places)
  5. e archaens and bacteria

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  1. cladograms
  2. alu elements
  3. Melonin
  4. link between the nucleotide sequence of nucleic acids and the amino acids sequence
  5. the aggregate of small plant and animal organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water

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  1. Where is the correspondence between genes and proteins encoded?In mRNA transcripts


  2. what gene is associated specifically with males?sry


  3. nucleic acid hybridizationRespiration that does not require oxygen


  4. Who was Rosalind Franklin neglected by?Maurice Wilkins


  5. is the cell membrane fluid, solid, or gaseous?fluid


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