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  1. Moves the body tube/stage up and down to allow focusing of the image when on low-powered objective lens.

  2. The basic unit of structure and function of any living thing.
  3. Controls the amount of light for viewing the slide.

  4. Cell-tissue-organ-organ system-multicellular organism: Arranged in order from smallest in size, but the base of all other things - to the largest in size, but composed of everything else.
  5. Made up of many cells. Mutli- = many

  6. A combination of two or more tissues that work together to perform a specific function.

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  1. microscope
    An instrument that makes small objects look larger. Simple microscope - composed on one lens. Compound microscope - composed of two or more lenses.


  2. prokaryoticA cell that contains a nucleus and a complex internal structure. An organism that has eukaryotic cells is a eukaryote.


  3. unicellularMade up of one cell. Single-celled. Uni- = one, single


  4. eukaryoticA cell that does NOT have a nucleus or any other membrane-covered organelles. An organism that has prokaryotic cells (bacteria) is known as a prokaryote.


  5. organ system
    A group of organs that work together to perform a body function.


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