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  1. cessation
  2. chagrin
  3. chauvinist
  4. cede
  5. centigrade
  1. a stopping
    The workers threatened a cessation of all activities if their demands were not met.
  2. b blindly devoted patriot
    A chauvinist cannot recognize any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant they may be.
  3. c vexation; disappointment
    Her refusal to go with us filled us with chagrin.
  4. d denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)
    On the centigrade thermometer, the freezing point of water is zero degrees.(chia trăm độ, bách phân a.)
  5. e transfer; yield title to (nhượng lại)
    I intend to cede this property to the city.

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  1. curb;restrain;control (kiem che)
    Thrusting out her arm, Grandma checked Bobby's lunge at his sister. "Young man," she said, "you'd better check your temper."
  2. art of dancing
    Martha Graham introduced a form of choreography that seemed awkward and alien to those who had
    been brought up on classic ballet.
  3. heavenly, mundane
    She spoke of the celestial joys that awaited virtuous souls in the hereafter.
  4. yielding to another; ceding(sự nhượng lại)
    The cession of Alaska to the United States is discussed in this chapter.
  5. scold (la rầy)
    Grandma began to chide Steven for his lying.

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  1. catholicuniversal; wide-ranging liberal, global, world-wide (rộng khắp)
    He was extremely catholic in his taste and read everything he could find in the library.


  2. centrifugalmachine that separates substances by whirling them
    At the dairy, we employ a centrifuge to separate cream from milk.


  3. chimericalfantastic; highly imaginative
    Poe's chimerical stories are sometimes too morbid for reading in bed.


  4. chicaneryscold (la rầy)
    Grandma began to chide Steven for his lying.


  5. charismadivine gift; great popular charm or appeal (uy tín)
    Political commentators have deplored the importance of a candidate's charisma in these days of television campaigning.


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