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  1. shard
  2. convention
  3. rarefy
  4. inimical
  5. proclivity
  1. a a natural predisposition or inclination
  2. b a piece of broken pottery or glass
  3. c to make or become thin, less dense; to refine
  4. d a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude
  5. e damaging; harmful; injurious

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  1. not obvious; elusive; difficult to discern
  2. one who spends money wastefully
  3. a natural inclination or tendency; penchant
  4. multicolored; characterized by a variety of patches of different color
  5. not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate

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  1. aggrandizeto increase in intensity, power, or prestige


  2. cynicisman attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness


  3. contiguousto publicly praise or promote


  4. probitya natural predisposition or inclination


  5. desiccateto dry out or dehydrate; to make dry or dull


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