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  1. terse
  2. pungent
  3. refulgent
  4. divulge
  5. probity
  1. a to disclose something secret
  2. b brief and concise in wording
  3. c adherence to highest principles; uprightness
  4. d radiant; shiny; brilliant
  5. e characterized by a strong, sharp smell or taste

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  1. a natural inclination or tendency; penchant
  2. annoyance; irritation
  3. a recent convert; a beginner; novice
  4. to increase in intensity, power, or prestige
  5. pure; uncorrupted; clean

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  1. vigilantalertly watchful


  2. desiccateto dry out or dehydrate; to make dry or dull


  3. vituperateto use harsh condemnatory language; to abuse or censure severely or abusively; to berate


  4. conventiona generally agreed-upon practice or attitude


  5. immutablenot capable of change


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