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GRE Psychology Test: Language (FOR GAME PLAYING) Test

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  1. Labov
  2. connotation
  3. three years
  4. two years
  5. grammar
  1. a the overall rules of the interrelationship between morphemes and syntax
  2. b time when a child speaks ~1,000 word vocabulary, but has many grammatical errors in use
  3. c implied meaning of a word, shared by subcultures, as shown through Osgood's Semantic Differential Chart research
  4. d studied "Black" English (Ebonics)
  5. e time when a child speaks >50 words, usually in two-three word phrases

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  1. the arrangement of words into sentences as prescribed by a particular language
  2. studied Hopi language
  3. Russia's best known psycholinguistics
  4. found that word meanings are altered by interpersonal experience
  5. sounds that make up words but have no meaning

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  1. Chomskydeveloped theory of TRANSFORMATIONAL GRAMMAR


  2. morphemeswords or parts of words that have meaning; the smallest unit of meaning in language


  3. Nelsonthis psycholinguistic discovered that baby's language development doesn't occur during their first year of life, when they are only listening


  4. reading and writingasserted that language is a tool involved in (and not merely a byproduct of) the development of ABSTRACT THINKING


  5. four yearstime when a child speaks >50 words, usually in two-three word phrases


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