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  1. True
  2. Whorf
  3. three years
  4. transformational grammar
  1. a time when a child speaks ~1,000 word vocabulary, but has many grammatical errors in use
  2. b True or False? People who have alexia may have no problems speaking or understanding speech.
  3. c posited the Whorfian hypothesis
  4. d differentiates between surface structure (organization of words) and deep structure (underlying meaning of words)

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  1. posited that how a culture says things influences a culture's perspective
  2. time when a child's grammar problems when using language are random exceptions
  3. research found that subcultures form different connotations (implied meanings) of words
  4. speech without articles or extras, similar to how it may appear in a telegram; "me go"
  5. Chomsky's idea of innate language acquisition positing that children have inborn ability to adopt generative grammar rules of the language they hear, they only need be exposed to language in order to apply this

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  1. Vygotsky and Luriafound that word meanings are altered by interpersonal experience


  2. connotationthis psycholinguistic discovered that baby's language development doesn't occur during their first year of life, when they are only listening


  3. one yeartime when a child speaks >50 words, usually in two-three word phrases


  4. Katherine Nelsonfound that language begins to develop with onset of ACTIVE SPEECH, rather than during first year of only listening


  5. grammarthe inability to write


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