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  1. Labov
  2. prosody
  3. grammar
  4. four years
  5. Vygotsky and Luria
  1. a studied "Black" English (Ebonics)
  2. b time when a child's grammar problems when using language are random exceptions
  3. c asserted that language is a tool involved in (and not merely a byproduct of) the development of ABSTRACT THINKING
  4. d tone inflections, accents, and other accepts of pronunciation that carry meaning
  5. e the overall rules of the interrelationship between morphemes and syntax

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  1. children usually use _______ first.
  2. Osgood's SEMANTIC DIFFERENTIAL CHARTS research showed the existence of _______________ for subcultures
  3. grammar rules; how to group morphemes
  4. developed theory of LANGUAGE ACQUISITION DEVICE
  5. a group of words that function when put together as a single syntactic part of a sentence

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  1. phonemessounds that make up words but have no meaning


  2. Language Acquisition Devicethe meaningful arrangement of sounds


  3. deep structurethe way words are organized


  4. Hopiposited the Whorfian hypothesis


  5. Chomskydeveloped theory of TRANSFORMATIONAL GRAMMAR


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