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  1. rule of addition
  2. pure/bred
  3. trait
  4. somatic cells
  5. hybrid
  1. a Add probabilities of different combinations
  2. b have very similar genetic makeup; homozygous; often suffer from serious genetic defects
  3. c offspring of two different true-breeding varieties
  4. d variation of a particular inherited character
  5. e diploid body cells

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  1. process by which a tree-breeding plant produces offspring identical in appearance to itself generation after generation
  2. The dominant allele is expressed even when only 1 gene is present; written with CAPITAL letter; Ex. PP or Pp - purple; The recessive allele is expressed only when both genes are recessive; written with lower case letter; Ex. pp- white
  3. mating of two organisms that differ in two different characters
  4. having identical alleles for a gene
  5. There are alternative forms of genes called alleles; Ex. P- purple; p- white; There are two alleles for each trait; Ex. Pp; PpTT

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  1. Principle of Independent AssortmentA sperm or egg carries only 1 allele of each pair; The alleles separate during gamete formation


  2. recessive alleledescriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that appears to be the only one affecting a trait


  3. dominant alleledescriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that does not appear to affect a trait


  4. First Filial (F1)the resulting offspring when the parental generation fertilize or fertilize each other


  5. probabilityvariation of a particular inherited character


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