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  1. the largest gland in the body is the :
  2. the volumes of stomach and duodenum are approximately equal.
  3. chyme is liquefied food found in the stomach.
  4. Segmentation
  1. a true
  2. b liver
  3. c moving materials back and forth to aid in mixing
  4. d false

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  1. starches to sugars
  2. mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, serosa
  3. False
  4. breakdown of ingested food, absorption of nutrients into the blood
  5. sum of all chemical reactions in the body

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  1. the terminal inch of the rectum is called thetrue


  2. small intestine aborptionmoving materials back and forth to aid in mixing


  3. refers to the liverelimination of digestible substances as feces,


  4. after food has been chewed, it is formed into a small founded mass called a:true


  5. Teeththe role is to masticate food, humans have 2 sets of teeth, decidous and adult with 32 teeth ( ages 6-12 years), incisors, canines, premolars, molars


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