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  1. Teeth
  2. the mesentery is fan-shaped projection of the parietal peritoneum
  3. Chemical Digestion
  4. the volumes of stomach and duodenum are approximately equal.
  1. a true
  2. b the role is to masticate food, humans have 2 sets of teeth, decidous and adult with 32 teeth ( ages 6-12 years), incisors, canines, premolars, molars
  3. c enzymes break down food materials into their building blocks carbohydrates broken into simple sugars
    protein broken into amino acids
    fats broken into fatty acids
  4. d false

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  1. food enters at the cardioesophageal sphincter,
    acts as a storage tank for food,
    delivers chime (processed food) to the small intestine
  2. true
  3. oropharynx to esophagus
  4. degultition
  5. False

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  1. Peristalsis begins in the:esophagus


  2. which blood vessel carries absorbed nutrients from the GI tact to the liver?portal vein


  3. the enzyme pepsin is concerned primarily with the difgestion of which of the following?starches to sugars


  4. controls the opening in the stomach to the small intestine?colon


  5. List the functions of the digestive systembreakdown of ingested food, absorption of nutrients into the blood


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