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  1. Peristalsis
  2. chyme is liquefied food found in the stomach.
  3. Chemical Digestion
  4. fat droplet surrounded by bile salts
  5. Which step of deglutition is under voluntary control?
  1. a alternating waves of contraction
  2. b micelles
  3. c enzymes break down food materials into their building blocks carbohydrates broken into simple sugars
    protein broken into amino acids
    fats broken into fatty acids
  4. d true
  5. e oral

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  1. constipation
  2. common bile duct.
  3. monosaccharide
  4. true
  5. Pyloric sphincter

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  1. The process of fat emulsficication consists of:breaking down fats into small droplets


  2. Defecationelimination of digestible substances as feces,


  3. Segmentationelimination of digestible substances as feces,


  4. Salivary glandsalternating waves of contraction


  5. the lesser omentum attaches the :liver


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