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  1. sonorous
  2. protrude
  3. august
  4. sinuous
  5. profess
  1. a to affirm openly; to state belief in; to claim, pretend
  2. b majestic, inspiring admiration and respect
  3. c full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style
  4. d to stick out, thrust forth
  5. e winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible

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  1. on or near the surface; concerned with or understanding only what is on the surface, shallow
  2. emotionally hardened, unfeeling
  3. yielding to the wishes or demands of others
  4. worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model
  5. the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field

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  1. tacitunspoken, silent; implied, inferred


  2. guilecheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned


  3. starkharsh, unrelieved, desolate; utterly


  4. disheveledrumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder


  5. misnomeran unsuitable or misleading name


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