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  1. Peripheral nervous system is
  2. Ecstasy
  3. Lack of norepinephrine can cause
  4. Pituitary glands release hormones that
  5. Pituitary gland
  1. a affect other glands:
  2. b Emotional elevation, disinhibition. Dehydration, overheating, depressed mood, impaired cognitive and immune functioning.
  3. c depression
  4. d AUTONOMIC controls self-regulated action of internal organs and glands
  5. e regulates your growth, has many different hormones.

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  1. Initial high followed by relaxation and disinhibiton
  2. a layer of fatty tissue encasing a neuron's axon that speeds transmission
  3. it's a sleeping disorder, sleep attack, uncontrollable sleepiness
  4. a condition in which the user has a chemical need for a drug.
  5. helps control alertness and arousal

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  1. Neuronsnerve cells


  2. according to freudAdult dreams can be traced to erotic wishes.


  3. psychology dependencethe body withdrawals


  4. master glandregulates your growth, has many different hormones.


  5. Dopamine is linked toSchizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.


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