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  1. Depressant
  2. Lack of norepinephrine can cause
  3. Norepinephrine
  4. Dopamine is linked to
  5. Thyroid glands affect your
  1. a depression
  2. b metabolism.
  3. c helps control alertness and arousal
  4. d Schizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.
  5. e Alcohol, Heroin, Morphine

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  1. All those nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.
  2. stimulant and has mild hallucination
  3. arousing
  4. controls voluntary movements of skeletal muscles
  5. symbolic meaning of a dream

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  1. ToleranceRush of euphoria, confidence, energy. Cardiovascular stress, suspiciousness, depressive crash


  2. lack of serotonin can causedepression


  3. master glandregulates your growth, has many different hormones.


  4. latent contentaccording to Freud, the remembered storyline of a dream


  5. AlcoholInitial high followed by relaxation and disinhibiton


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