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  1. submandibular gland
  2. Organ: Ear
    Structure: organ of chorti
  3. arrow: choroid; arrowhead: retina; curved arrow: sclera
  4. parotid gland, serous secretion
  5. Structure: optic nerve head
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  1. Organ: pituitary gland


  2. intercalated duct of partoid gland


  3. Organ: EYE
    A- anterior limiting layer
    B- lens capsule
    C- Lens Fibers
    D- Lens Epithelium
    E. Posterior Epithelium
    F. Iris
    G. Muscle Layer


  4. Toungue a. Intrinsic muscles
    b. Lingual glands
    c. Serous glands of von ebner
    d. strat. Squamous mucosal epithelium
    e. Circumvallate papillae


  5. Organ: EAR
    Big Circle: bony outline
    Small circle: organ of chordi
    A: Scala vestibuli, perilymph
    B: Scala media, endolymph
    C: Scala tympani, perilymph
    D: Reissner's Membrane= Roof
    E: SG: bone (osseous spiral ligament)


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