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  1. Organ: Pituitary gland
    Structure: posterior pituitary
    Arrows: Herring bodies are only found in the neurohypophysis.
  2. Organ: thyroid gland
  3. a. Ganglion cell layer
    b. Inner plexiform layer
    c. Inner nuclear layer
    d. Outer plexiform layer
    e. Outer nuclear layer
    f. Photo receptor layer
    g. Fovea centralis
  4. Organ: EAR
    Structure: Cochlea
    Structure: Cristae Ampullaris
    A: Cupula
    B: scarpa's ganglion
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Organ: pituitary gland
    Structure: pars nervosa (posterior pituitary)
    Black arrows: herring bodies
    Green arrows: pituicytes


  2. A. Sclerea
    C. Retinal pigmented epithelium
    D. Rods and cones
    E. Outer limiting membrane
    F. Outer Nuclear Layer
    G. Outer plexiform layer
    H. Inner nuclear layer
    I. Inner plexiform layer
    J. Ganglion cell layer
    K. Optic nerve
    L. Internal limiting membrane


  3. Tongue, A: filiform papillae B: intrinsic tongue muscle


  4. A: Stellate reticulum
    B: stratum intermedium
    C: ameloblasts
    D: Dentin
    E: odontoblasts
    F: Outer enamel epithelium


  5. A: Root
    B: alveolus
    C: Gingiva
    D: Pulp Cavity
    E: anatomical
    F: Dentin
    G: Clinical
    H: Crown


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