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  1. Organ: pancreas
    A: Islet cells
    B: acinar cells
  2. a: cornea; b: eyelid; c: iris; d: lens; arrow: anterior chamber; arrowhead: posterior chamber; curved arrow: acute angle
  3. Tongue, a: Taste buds, can see taste pore and hair
  4. sublingual gland, due to mostly mucus
  5. challenge slide...A and B? A: Eyelid B. Tarsal Plate C. eyelashes?
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Part on left part of screen?

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  1. Organ: eye
    Structure: Canal of schlemm


  2. Organ: adrenal gland
    M: medulla
    R: reticularis
    F: fasciculata
    G: glomerulosa


  3. A: Stellate reticulum
    B: stratum intermedium
    C: ameloblasts
    D: Dentin
    E: odontoblasts
    F: Outer enamel epithelium


  4. Parotid Gland, A: serous acini B: adipose cells


  5. a: inner nuclear layer; b: inner plexiform layer; c: ganglion cell layer; A contains horizontal cells amacrine cells, and bipolar cells
    what cell types does A contain


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