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  1. a: outer nuclear layer; b: outer plexiform layer; c: inner nuclear layer; arrow: pigment epithelium; upper arrowhead: outer limiting membrane; region between arrowhead contains outer and inner segments of photoreceptor cells
  2. Organ: thyroid gland
  3. sublingual gland a: mucus gland b: serous demilunar c: striated duct
  4. A. Retina
    B. Chorooid
    C. Sclera
    D. Big purple guy= optic nerve
  5. A: Labial Glands; B: Vermillion Border C: Thin Skin; D: Lining mucosa; E: obicularis oris
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
    in addition to the layers marked, what does the layer between the two arrow heads contain

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  1. 1. retina 2. optic nerve 3. eyelid 4. lens 5. cornea 6. lris


  2. Organ: thyroid
    Arrow: parafollicular "C-cells"


  3. arrow: trabecular meshwork; left arrow: uveal portion; right arrow: corneoscleral portion; arrowhead: zonular fibers; curved arrow: canal of schlemm; box: anterior chamber


  4. A: anterior chamber
    B: posterior chamber


  5. Organ: thyroid gland


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