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  1. labial gland, mostly mucus but some serous
  2. intercalated duct of partoid gland
  3. Organ: young pineal gland
    Arrow: small amount of brain sand
  4. Organ: thyroid gland
    Arrows: parafollicular cells, or "C-cells"
  5. parotid gland
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
    structure and its secretions?

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  1. Toungue a. Intrinsic muscles
    b. Lingual glands
    c. Serous glands of von ebner
    d. strat. Squamous mucosal epithelium
    e. Circumvallate papillae


  2. Organ: pituitary gland
    Structure: pars nervosa (posterior pituitary)
    Black arrows: herring bodies
    Green arrows: pituicytes


  3. Part of eye= RETINA
    1.Bruchs membrane (retinal pigment epithelial layer)
    2. Photoreceptor layer: heads of photoreceptors
    3. external limiting membane: processes if mueller cells
    4. external nuclear layer
    5. outer pexiform: nucleus free zone, where synapses occuring
    6. inner nuclear layer: nuclei of bipolar cells etc
    7. inner plexiform layer: synapses between nuclei of inner nuclear layer and the ganglion cell layer
    8. ganglion cell layer
    9. retinal axon layer (plexiform layer of ganglion cells),
    10. inner limiting membrane.


  4. A. Sclerea
    C. Retinal pigmented epithelium
    D. Rods and cones
    E. Outer limiting membrane
    F. Outer Nuclear Layer
    G. Outer plexiform layer
    H. Inner nuclear layer
    I. Inner plexiform layer
    J. Ganglion cell layer
    K. Optic nerve
    L. Internal limiting membrane


  5. A: Buccal Cavity
    B: Thin Skin
    C: Obicularis Oris


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