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  1. challenge slide...A and B? A: Eyelid B. Tarsal Plate C. eyelashes?
  2. Organ: pancreas
    A: Islet cells
    B: acinar cells
  3. CB: ciliary body; C: cornea; S: sclera; curved arrow: ciliary processes; box: angle of anterior chamber
  4. Organ: pituitary gland
  5. A: Dentin
    B: Odontoblasts
    C: Gingival sulcus
    D: Periodontal ligament
    E: Alveolar bone
    F: Cementum
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Part on left part of screen?

  2. adult or child?

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  1. Organ: thyroid gland


  2. Organ: EYE
    IRIS, Four layers:
    Anterior limiting layer: discontinuous stellate cells, no much of a barrier to anything
    Stroma: majority of iris
    Muscular layer: smooth muscle, 2 parts
    Schincter papilae: Circumfrentially oriented: bulk of smooth muscle layer (opens pupil, sympathetic) Most numerous near edge near lens
    Dialator papilae: Myoepitheial cells: act like smooth muscle cells, layer above posterior (parasympathetic),
    Posterior epithelium: HEAVILY pigmented


  3. Part of the eye: fovea centralis
    First three layers are thinned at the fovea centralis
    A. Ganglion cell layer
    B. Inner plexiform layer
    C. Inner nuclear layer
    D. Outer plexiform layer
    E. Outer nuclear level
    F. Photoreceptor layer


  4. A: Labial Glands; B: Vermillion Border C: Thin Skin; D: Lining mucosa; E: obicularis oris


  5. A: Periodontal ligament
    B: cementum
    C: Dentin


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