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  1. CB: ciliary body; C: cornea; S: sclera; curved arrow: ciliary processes; box: angle of anterior chamber
  2. Organ: Eye
    A: Lens
    B: Iris
  3. Organ: thyroid
    Arrows: parafollicular "C-cells"
  4. challenge slide...A and B? A: Eyelid B. Tarsal Plate C. eyelashes?
  5. Organ: pancreas
    A: acinar cells
    B: islet cells
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Part on left part of screen?

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  1. Organ: old pineal gland
    Large arrows: pinealocytes
    Small arrows: glial cells
    Black blobs: brain sand


  2. A: anterior chamber
    B: posterior chamber


  3. A: dental papillae
    B: odotoblasts
    C: Dentin
    D: Ameloblasts
    E: enamel
    F: stratum Intermedium


  4. A: Dentin
    B: Gingival sulcus
    D: Peridontal ligament
    E: Dental Pulp
    F: Alveolar Bone


  5. Organ: Pituitary gland
    Structure: posterior pituitary
    Arrows: Herring bodies are only found in the neurohypophysis.


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