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  1. Organ: Ear
    Structure: Cochlea
    A: Modiolus
    B: pocket of spiral ganglion in the modiolus
  2. Organ: thyroid
    Structure: pars intermedia
    Arrows: Rathke's cysts= colloid-filled cysts
  3. Organ: old pineal gland
    Three structures present: pinealocytes, glial cells, brain sand
  4. Forming tooth; micro slide says Cervical Loop (where two layers make a sharp bend)
  5. sublingual gland A: serous demilunar
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. sublingual gland, due to mostly mucus
    structure and its secretions?


  2. Organ: adrenal medulla

    Blue line: fasciculata
    Red line: reticularis
    Light blue line: medulla


  3. A: Enamel
    B: dentin with dental tubules


  4. submandibular gland, because it is mixed serus and mucus, but mostly serus


  5. A: dental papillae
    B: odotoblasts
    C: Dentin
    D: Ameloblasts
    E: enamel
    F: stratum Intermedium


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