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  1. auffallen
  2. aufheben
  3. aussprechen
  4. beginnen
  5. aufmachen
  1. a Akkusative; to rescind, void, overturn, abolish or to pick up something
  2. b Akkusative; to pronounce
  3. c Dative; to strike or attract attention
  4. d Akkusative; to start
  5. e Akkusative; to open

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  1. Akkusative; to regard, consider, allow, consult, incorporate
  2. Akkusative; to advise
  3. Akkusative; to serve
  4. Akkusative; to justify, reason, establish,
  5. Akkusative; to own or possess

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  1. beantragenAkkusative; to deceive or cheat


  2. bemerkenDative; to encounter


  3. betrügenAkkusative; to justify, reason, establish,


  4. benutzenAkkusative; to own or possess


  5. beweisenDative + Akkusative; to prove, substantiate


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