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  1. ausschalten
  2. aussprechen
  3. ber├╝cksichtigen
  4. bemerken
  5. ausweichen
  1. a Akkusative; to pronounce
  2. b Akkusative; to turn off, disable, deactivate, silence
  3. c Dative; to avoid or elude, dodge
  4. d Akkusative; to regard, consider, allow, consult, incorporate
  5. e Akkusative; to notice or preceive, observe

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Akkusative; to advise
  2. Dative + Akkusative; to reply or answer
  3. Akkusative; to consider, to attend, to observe
  4. Akkusative; to choose
  5. Akkusative; to keep or retain, to maintain. To remain valid

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  1. beweisenDative; to encounter


  2. bestimmenAkkusative; to determine, decide


  3. aufhebenAkkusative; to abandon, surrender, quit


  4. beantragenAkkusative; to request something, to apply for something


  5. benachrichtigenAkkusative; to visit


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