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  1. aufheben
  2. aussuchen
  3. auffallen
  4. bestimmen
  5. beantragen
  1. a Akkusative; to request something, to apply for something
  2. b Dative; to strike or attract attention
  3. c Akkusative; to determine, decide
  4. d Akkusative; to rescind, void, overturn, abolish or to pick up something
  5. e Akkusative; to choose

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  1. Akkusative; to notice or preceive, observe
  2. Akkusative; to unpack, unwrap
  3. Dative + Akkusative; to reply or answer
  4. Akkusative; to use
  5. Akkusative; to keep or retain, to maintain. To remain valid

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  1. besuchenAkkusative; to visit


  2. begründenAkkusative; to justify, reason, establish,


  3. beruhigenAkkusative; to reassure


  4. begrüssenAkkusative; to welcome or greet


  5. beachtenAkkusative; to consider, to attend, to observe


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