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  1. Kalidasa
  2. Silk Roads
  3. Centralized Government
  4. Mahayana
  5. Assimilation
  1. a A system of ancient caravan routes across Central Asia, along which traders carried silk and other trade goods.
  2. b The process of making conquered peoples part of Chinese culture.
  3. c People who accepted the new doctrines that the Buddhists had
  4. d A government in which a central authority controls the running of a state.
  5. e one of India's greatest writers. Might have been court poet for Chandra Gupta II. Famous play - Shakuntala - girl who falls in love w/ and marries a King.

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  1. Government workers; 18 ranks of jobs
  2. Relating to a social system in which the mother is head of the family
  3. People who held to the Buddha's stricter, original teachings
  4. Exclusive control or possession of something
  5. A Hindu god considered the creator of the world.

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  1. VishnuGrandson of Chandragupta; most honored emperor for his commitment to spreading peace and prosperity to all; was Buddhist but accepted other religions; decline came after his death


  2. TamilA Hindu god considered the destroyer of the world.


  3. StupasA Hindu god considered the destroyer of the world.


  4. PatriarchalRelating to a society in which men hold the greatest legal and moral authority


  5. Religious TolerationAcceptance of religious differences


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