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Wakefield HS Plants Test

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  1. Stamen - A
  2. Water, wind, animals
  3. They cannot grow tall because they don't have tissues to transport water and nutrients.
  4. Cross pollination
  5. Stigma - D
  1. a
    What female part of the flower does the pollen first land and what letter represents this part in the diagram?
  2. b Pollen from a plant fertlizes the eggs of a different plant
  3. c What are 3 ways seeds are dispersed?
  4. d
    What is the male reproductive part of a flower called and what letter represents it in the diagram?
  5. e What is a characteristic of nonvascular plants?

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  1. vascular tissue that transports water
  2. When a plant self-pollinates, is this sexual or asexual reproduction?
  3. You find a plant that has parallel veins in the leaves, fibrous roots, vascular bundles scattered, and 6 petals. Is this a monocot or dicot?
  4. What are the 4 characteristics of all plants?
  5. What are the 3 groups of vascular plants?

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  1. GymnospermsCone-bearing plants


  2. Epidermisstructure that supports the plant


  3. Needlesvascular tissue that transports water


  4. Ovules (eggs) - G
    What structure becomes a fruit after the eggs are fertilized?


  5. WaterWhat do seedless plants need in order to reproduce?


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