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  1. Cross pollination
  2. when pollen fertilizes the ovules
  3. Stigma - D
  4. Positive gravitropism
  5. Provides protection for developing embryo
  1. a What type of tropism is it when plants roots grown into the soil?
  2. b Pollen from a plant fertlizes the eggs of a different plant
  3. c What is the advantage of seeds?
  4. d When does pollination occur in plants?
  5. e
    What female part of the flower does the pollen first land and what letter represents this part in the diagram?

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  1. What are 3 ways seeds are dispersed?
  2. What do seedless plants need in order to reproduce?
  3. vascular tissue that transports food or nutrients
  4. vascular tissue that transports water
  5. What is the order that plants evolved (simplest to complex)?

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  1. Gymnosperms and angiospermsWhat are the 3 groups of vascular plants?


  2. Stemsstructure that supports the plant


  3. ConesWhere are the seeds located in gymnosperms?


  4. FruitsPlants response to an external stimulus


  5. NeedlesWhat is the only nonvascular plant?


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