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  1. Water, wind, animals
  2. Fruits
  3. Provides protection for developing embryo
  4. C6H12O6 (glucose) + O2 (oxygen) yields CO2 (carbon dioxide) + H2O (water) + ATP
  5. Cotyledon
  1. a What is the equation for cellular respiration?
  2. b What is the advantage of seeds?
  3. c Seed leaf of a plant
  4. d What are 3 ways seeds are dispersed?
  5. e What are seeds dispersed by animals often contained in?

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  1. What are the 2 groups of seed plants?
  2. What are the 3 groups of vascular plants?
  3. Monocots and dicots belong to which group of plants?
  4. vascular tissue that transports food or nutrients
  5. Do plants undergo cellular respiration, photosynthesis or both?

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  1. Produces pollenresponsible for timing of seasonal activities such flowering by responding to the length of light in a day


  2. Open to allow water to exit through the stomaWhen does pollination occur in plants?


  3. Anther - B and filament - CWhat are the 2 groups of seedless plants?


  4. MonocotYou find a plant that has parallel veins in the leaves, fibrous roots, vascular bundles scattered, and 6 petals. Is this a monocot or dicot?


  5. Pistil - H
    What is the female reproductive structure and what letter represents it in the diagram?


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