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  1. Gravitropism
  2. Xylem
  3. Phloem
  4. Spongy mesophyll - G
  5. when pollen fertilizes the ovules
  1. a vascular tissue that transports food or nutrients
  2. b direction of plant growth in response to gravity
  3. c vascular tissue that transports water
  4. d When does pollination occur in plants?
  5. e
    Layer inside a leaf that has spaces for gasses to flow?

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  1. What is the only nonvascular plant?
  2. What do seedless plants need in order to reproduce?
  3. What gas speeds up the ripening of fruit?
  4. What are the leaves of gymnosperms called?
  5. What are seeds dispersed by animals often contained in?

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  1. Petals - I
    What is the female reproductive structure and what letter represents it in the diagram?


  2. Ferns, Gymnosperms and AngiospermsWhat are the 3 groups of vascular plants?


  3. Produces pollenWhat is the function of the anther?


  4. Epidermis
    What is structure B?


  5. Palisades mesophyll - C
    Where does the most photosynthesis occur in a leaf?


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