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  1. multicellular, autotrophic, cell walls with cellulose and eukaryotic
  2. Gymnosperms
  3. Temperature and moisture (rain)
  4. Ovary - F
  5. Gravitropism
  1. a What are the 4 characteristics of all plants?
  2. b
    What structure becomes a fruit after the eggs are fertilized?
  3. c Cone-bearing plants
  4. d direction of plant growth in response to gravity
  5. e What are 2 environmental factors that will cause a seed to come out of dormancy?

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  1. What is the advantage of seeds?

  2. Which structure controls the opening and closing of the stoma?
  3. What are the leaves of gymnosperms called?
  4. responsible for timing of seasonal activities such flowering by responding to the length of light in a day
  5. Monocots and dicots belong to which group of plants?

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  1. Stigma - D
    What is the male reproductive part of a flower called and what letter represents it in the diagram?


  2. Cuticle - A
    Waxy covering on the top and underside of a leaf


  3. positive tropismWhen a plant moves away from a stimulus


  4. ATPUseable energy for all organisms


  5. MonocotYou find a plant that has parallel veins in the leaves, fibrous roots, vascular bundles scattered, and 6 petals. Is this a monocot or dicot?


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