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  1. rank the following polysaccharides of glucose in order od most branched form to least branches form.
  2. guanine
  3. what are the major components of nitrogenous bases
  4. what are the three main properties of carbon that are important in forming organic molecules
  5. what are the four categories of macromolecules
  1. a 1. carbon bonds are stable across a broad range of temperatures.
    2. carbon can form four covalent bonds with other atoms.
    3 carbon can form both polar and nonpolar bonds
  2. b cytosine
  3. c carbohydrates
    nucleic acids
  4. d 1. glycogen
    2. starch
    3. cellulose
  5. e carbon
    single or double carbon ring

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  1. ribose
  2. 1.carbohydratre
    2. protein
    3. lipid
    4. nucleic acid
  3. phosphodiester
  4. Hydrogen
  5. structural

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  1. the optimal distance between two atoms within a molecules is the van der waalsradius


  2. how are structural isomers and stereoisomers different form one another?polymers are large macromolecules composed of many monomers linked together


  3. a______is a compound that lowers the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.base


  4. what are the structural components of a polypeptidecarbon
    single or double carbon ring


  5. what are proteins?lipids are hydrophobic molecules composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon.


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