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  1. what are proteins?
  2. what bonding properties of carbon allow for the creation of groups of atoms with distinct shapes and functions?
  3. what are lipids
  4. two nucleotides are linked together by a ____________bond to form a string of nucleic acids
  5. what four bases are found in RNA?
  1. a lipids are hydrophobic molecules composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon.
  2. b 1.carbon containing molecules can form isomer.
    2. carbon can form four covalent bonds.
    3. carbon can create double and triple bonds.
  3. c cytosine
  4. d phosphodiester
  5. e proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes

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  1. amino and carbonyl
  2. the phosphate group of one nucleotide is covalently linked to the sugar of the second nucleotide
  3. polymers are large macromolecules composed of many monomers linked together
  4. 1.double
    2. single
  5. A sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose molecules
    A strand of DNS is broken down into individual nucleotides

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  1. 1.fat
    2. waxes
    3. steroid
    4. phospholipids
    1. transmission of genetic information to daughter cells
    2. transfer of genetic information into protein
    3. store of genetic information
    4. decoding genetic information


  2. unsaturated fat have _________melting point that saturated fatscarbon
    single or double carbon ring


  3. nitrogenous bases consist of a double or single ring of __________and ______________atoms1. adenine
    2. guanine
    3. thymine
    4. cytosine


  4. what is an alpha helix?The repeating helical structure that is formed by a polypeptide backbone


  5. what are the structural components of a polypeptidecarbon
    single or double carbon ring


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