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  1. what occurs during hydrolysis reactions?
  2. what regions of a phospholipid bilayer face water and which face the interior of the membrane aways from water?
  3. _______reactions, which form polymers form simple monomers, are reversible through the process of ________________
  4. what are two examples of important functional group in organic molecules?
  5. nitrogenous bases consist of a double or single ring of __________and ______________atoms
  1. a amino and carbonyl
  2. b the polar regions face water, and the nonpolar regions face the interior.
  3. c nitrogen
    c atoms.
  4. d dehydration
  5. e polymers are broken down one monomer at a time by the addition of water.

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  1. carbohydrates
    nucleic acids
  2. the bilayers is the most energetically favorable arrangement in aqueous solution.
    the hydrophillic ends attract water while the hydrophobic ends exclude water
  3. DNA and RNA
  4. 1. contain one double bonded carbon
    2. liquid at room temperature
    3. contain no double bonded carbons
  5. dehydration reactions involve the loss of water and hydrolysis reactions involve the addition of water
    dehydration reactions form polymers hydrolysis reactions break down polymers into monomers.

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  1. which of the following atoms form nonpolar covalent bonds with carbonhydrogen


  2. 1. DNA
    2. RNA
    3. DNA
    4. RNA
    1. energy storage
    2. create a barrier to water loss
    3. form hormones important in reproduction
    4. plasma membrane structure


  3. what are the major components of nitrogenous baseswaxes


  4. how are structural isomers and stereoisomers different form one another?only stereoisomer have identical bonding relationships but different structures
    only structural isomers contain the same atoms,but with different bonding relationships.


  5. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationshipswhat type of cell is formed(liver or muscle)
    the identity of an organism (eg human or mouse)


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