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  1. isomers have identical bonding relationships but the atoms are positioned differently around bonds
  2. which of the following polysaccharides contain chain of the alpha-glucose isomer?
  3. what are molecules that have identical molecular formulas but different structures called?
  4. what are the two major classes of nucleic acids?
  5. _____are large molecules made from smaller organic molecules.
  1. a starch
  2. b DNA and RNA
  3. c Macromolecules
  4. d cis-trans isomers
  5. e isomers

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  1. dehydration synthesis is specific type of condensation reaction involving the loss of a water molecule.
    condensation reactions and dehydration synthesis occur when two or more molecules combine to form a larger molecule.
  2. 1. energy storage
    2. create a barrier to water loss
    3. form hormones important in reproduction
    4. plasma membrane structure
  3. when one protein binds to another, this is called a protein- protein interaction
  4. phosphodiester
  5. cytosine

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  1. isomers have identical bonding, but the atoms are positioned differently, resulting mirror images.cis-trans isomers


  2. what are two examples of important functional group in organic molecules?Macromolecules


  3. The ability of ____to form four covalent bonds contributes to the diversity of organic compounds that can be formed.nucleotides


  4. what are macromoleculeslarge molecules that are form by joining smaller molecules together


  5. unsaturated fat have _________melting point that saturated fatslower


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