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  1. two nucleotides are linked together by a ____________bond to form a string of nucleic acids
  2. what are the major classes of lipids
  3. unsaturated fat have _________melting point that saturated fats
  4. _____are large molecules made from smaller organic molecules.
  5. carbon can form four bonds because it has only _______electrons in the outer energy____
  1. a waxes
  2. b phosphodiester
  3. c Macromolecules
  4. d lower
  5. e 4

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  1. radius
  2. 1.carbohydratre
    2. protein
    3. lipid
    4. nucleic acid
  3. The repeating helical structure that is formed by a polypeptide backbone
  4. L-glucose and D-glucose
  5. hydrogen

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  1. 1 starch
    2 cellulose
    1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched


  2. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationshipsA sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose molecules
    A strand of DNS is broken down into individual nucleotides


  3. why do phospholipids arrage into bilayersthe bilayers is the most energetically favorable arrangement in aqueous solution.
    the hydrophillic ends attract water while the hydrophobic ends exclude water


  4. 1.monounsaturated fatty acids
    2. polyunsaturated fatty acids
    3. saturated fatty acid


  5. DNA is_____stranded and RNA is primarily ____strandedpolymers are broken down one monomer at a time by the addition of water.


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