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  1. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationships
  2. what bonding properties of carbon allow for the creation of groups of atoms with distinct shapes and functions?
  3. carbon can form four bonds because it has only _______electrons in the outer energy____
  4. what is an alpha helix?
  5. which of the following atoms form nonpolar covalent bonds with carbon
  1. a 1.carbon containing molecules can form isomer.
    2. carbon can form four covalent bonds.
    3. carbon can create double and triple bonds.
  2. b The repeating helical structure that is formed by a polypeptide backbone
  3. c 4
  4. d structural
  5. e hydrogen

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  1. base
  2. enantiomers
  3. dehydration reactions involve the loss of water and hydrolysis reactions involve the addition of water
    dehydration reactions form polymers hydrolysis reactions break down polymers into monomers.
  4. cytosine
  5. 1. glycogen
    2. starch
    3. cellulose

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  1. nitrogenous bases consist of a double or single ring of __________and ______________atomsnitrogen
    c atoms.


  2. The ______,____and______structtural levels of a protein describe a protein with a single polypeptide chain.1.N-terminus
    2.peptide backbone
    3. c-terminus


  3. Steroids all contain_______fused rings of carbon atoms with one or more polar __ groups attached to the ring structure4


  4. what are the major components of nitrogenous baseswaxes


  5. If a protein may contain several different domains and each domain has____functiondifferent


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