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  1. rank the following polysaccharides of glucose in order od most branched form to least branches form.
  2. a______is a compound that lowers the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.
  3. what are the major differences between dehydration reactions and hydrolysis reactions
  4. how are structural isomers and stereoisomers different form one another?
  5. what is the difference between the N-terminus and the C-terminus of a polypeptide?
  1. a only stereoisomer have identical bonding relationships but different structures
    only structural isomers contain the same atoms,but with different bonding relationships.
  2. b dehydration reactions involve the loss of water and hydrolysis reactions involve the addition of water
    dehydration reactions form polymers hydrolysis reactions break down polymers into monomers.
  3. c base
  4. d 1. glycogen
    2. starch
    3. cellulose
  5. e The N-terminus has a free amino group and the C-terminus has a free carboxyl group.

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  1. waxes
  2. phosphodiester
  3. when one protein binds to another, this is called a protein- protein interaction
  4. dehydration
  5. at least two polypeptides

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  1. what are lipidslipids are hydrophobic molecules composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon.


  2. DNA molecules contain the sugar___as part of the backbone of the moleculecarbohydrates
    nucleic acids


  3. 1.monounsaturated fatty acids
    2. polyunsaturated fatty acids
    3. saturated fatty acid


  4. If a protein may contain several different domains and each domain has____functionlower


  5. 1 starch
    2 cellulose
    1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched


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