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  1. notre école
  2. je méritais d'être puni par Dieu à cause de mes péchés.
  3. nous bénir
  4. Amen
  5. nous aider
  1. a bless us
  2. b our school
  3. c I deserved to be punished by God because of my sins.
  4. d help us
  5. e Amen

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  1. He forgave my sins.
  2. Thy Son, Jesus Christ
  3. Lord (Jehovah)
  4. I was a sinner.
  5. I pray and read the Bible every day.

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  1. quoiqueso that, in order that (2)


  2. désespérerto despair


  3. j'étais spirituellement aveugle.I was spiritually blind.


  4. nos parentsbless us


  5. ta volonté soit faiteThy will may be done


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