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  1. Central dogma of molecular biology
  2. Melting or denaturing
  3. 5' refers to
  4. Antiparallel
  5. For cells to multiply
  1. a 5'PO4. 1 strand of the DNA has a phosphate attached at the number 5 carbon of the sugar. -> Termed the five prime (5') end
  2. b Is when you separate the 2 strands of a DNA
  3. c Flow of information from DNA to RNA to protein
  4. d DNA molecule is antiparallel -> Strands are oriented in opposite directions, strands differ at the ends 1) One strand oriented in the 5' to 3' direction. 2) The other strand is oriented in the 3' to 5' direction.
  5. e 1) DNA replication 2) DNA expression (gene expression)

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  1. Codon at which translation is initiated; it is typically the first AUG after a ribosome-binding site.
  2. Are 1) Adenine (A) - purine, 2) Thymine (T) - pyrimidine 3) Guanine (G) - purine 4) Cytosine (C) - pyrimidine
  3. Sequence at which RNA synthesis stops; the RNA polymerase falls off the DNA template and releases the newly synthesized RNA.
  4. 1) Routinely synthesized 2) Generally involved in biosynthesis
  5. Study of sequence of DNA

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  1. Antigenic variationAlteration in characteristics of certain surface proteins -> Example: Neisseria gonorrhoeae hides from host immunity by changing numerous surface proteins


  2. (G)Guanine


  3. ActivatorsSequence of 3 nucleotides in a tRNA molecule that is complementary to a particular codon in mRNA. The anticodon allows the tRNA to recognize and bind to the appropriate codon.


  4. TranscriptionIs a fragment of RNA. Numerous transcripts can be produced from one chromosome


  5. A is pair withG -> C:G. G is bound to C by three hydrogen bond


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