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  1. Hydrocarbons
  2. Steroids
  3. Sugar-Phosphate Backbone
  4. Monosaccharides
  5. Monomer
  1. a very different from fats in structure and function; the carbon skeleton of a steroid is bent to form four fused rings
  2. b
    simple sugar
  3. c small molecules
  4. d organic molecules containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms
  5. e a repeating pattern of sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate, with the bases hanging off the backbone like appendages

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  1. in contrast to carbohydrates and most other biological molecules, lipids are hydrophobic
  2. nucleic acids are polymers made from monomers

  3. molecules that have the same molecular formula but different structures
  4. double sugar, is constructed from two monosaccharides through a dehydration reaction
  5. a type of unsaturated fat that is even more unhealthy than saturated fat

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  1. Nucleic Acidsare information storage molecules that provide the directions for building proteins


  2. Hydrogenentationthe process that the manufacturer can convert unsaturated fats to saturated fats by hydrogen


  3. Hydrophobicmeans that they do not mix with water


  4. Saturatedmeaning that they contain the maximum number of hydrogen atoms


  5. Celluloseanimals store excess sugar in the for of a polysaccharide


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