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  1. Disaccharide
  2. Amino Acid
  3. Denaturation
  4. Hydrophilic
  5. Functional Groups
  1. a in an organic molecule, the groups of atoms that usually participate in chemical reactions
  2. b double sugar, is constructed from two monosaccharides through a dehydration reaction
  3. c the process of an unfavorable change in temperature, pH, or some other quality of the environment can cause a protein to unravel and lose its natural shape
  4. d consists of a central carbon atom bonded to four covalent partners (carbon always forms 4 covalent bonds)
  5. e which literally means "water loving"; hydrophilic molecules adhere to water to their surface

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  1. diets high in saturated fats may contribute to cardiovascular disease by promoting atherosclerosis

  2. simple sugar
  3. nucleic acids are polymers made from monomers
  4. the bond between adjacent amino acids
  5. a type of unsaturated fat that is even more unhealthy than saturated fat

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  1. Hydrophobicwhich literally means "water loving"; hydrophilic molecules adhere to water to their surface


  2. Hydrolysisthe process of digesting giant molecules to make their monomers available to your cells, which can then rebuild the monomers into your own brand of macromolecules.


  3. Dehydration Reactionthe process that the manufacturer can convert unsaturated fats to saturated fats by hydrogen


  4. Tryglycerideproteins usually consist of 100 or more amino acids, forming a chain


  5. Primary Structurethe specific amino acid sequence


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