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  1. Monomer
  2. Double Helix
  3. Hydrophilic
  4. Denaturation
  5. Hydrophobic
  1. a the process of an unfavorable change in temperature, pH, or some other quality of the environment can cause a protein to unravel and lose its natural shape
  2. b which literally means "water loving"; hydrophilic molecules adhere to water to their surface
  3. c means that they do not mix with water
  4. d A molecule of DNA in double-stranded sequence, with two polynucleotides wrapped around each other to from _______
  5. e small molecules

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  1. the process of cells linking monomers together
  2. nucleic acids are polymers made from monomers
  3. the process of digesting giant molecules to make their monomers available to your cells, which can then rebuild the monomers into your own brand of macromolecules.
  4. in animals they serve as a primary source of dietary energy; in plants, they are used as a building material to for much or the plant body
  5. a repeating pattern of sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate, with the bases hanging off the backbone like appendages

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  1. Nitrogenous Basea type of unsaturated fat that is even more unhealthy than saturated fat


  2. Polymerslarge molecules made by stringing together many smaller molecules called monomers


  3. Nucleic Acidsnucleic acids are polymers made from monomers


  4. Disaccharidelong chains of sugar units--polymers or monosaccharides


  5. FatDeoxyribonucleic Acid; double stranded


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