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  1. visual association area
  2. adjusts postural muscles, fine-tunes movements conscious and subconscious based on proprioceptive info
  3. prefrontal cortex
  4. ADH is also known as
  5. gustatory cortex
  1. a vasopressin
  2. b receives info about taste
  3. c cerebellum
  4. d in frontal lobe, coordinates info from entire cortex, performs abstract thoughts
  5. e monitors visual cortex and interprets results (visual cortex allows you to see a string of letters, association area processes them allowing you to read)

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  1. interventricular foramen
  2. pons (middle of brain stem)
  3. cerebellar cortex
  4. 1-subconscious skeletal muscle control (sex, rage, pain response)
    2-control autonomic centers in medulla oblongata (HR, BP, RR etc)
    3-nervous/endocrine control through regulatory hormones directed at pituitary gland
    4-secretes two hormones (ADH and OXT)
    5-emotions and behavioral drives (hunger, thirst)
    6-coordinates voluntary and autonomic functions (fight or flight)
    7-body temp regulation
    8-circadian rhythms control
  5. dopamine

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  1. each cerebral hemisphere reveives info and sends info to the ___ side of the bodymidbrain, pons and meulla oblongata


  2. two hormones secreted by hypothalamusADH and OXT (antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin)


  3. the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata make up the ___ ___diencephalon


  4. auditory association areamonitors auditory cortex and processes the info


  5. neural cortexin occipital lobe of cerebrum, receives visual info


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