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  1. hippocampus (limbic)
  2. projection fibers
  3. brain structure that integrates sensory input with motor output subconsciously
  4. gustatory cortex
  5. neural cortex
  1. a diencephelon (thalamus and hypothalamus)
  2. b layer of gray matter covering the cerebrum and cerebellum
  3. c part of the limbic system important in learning, storing memories
  4. d link cerebral cortex to pons, brain stem and spinal cord
  5. e receives info about taste

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  1. midbrain (superior part of brain stem)
  2. type of axon of cerebral white matter, allow communication between hemispheres
  3. primary brain vesicles
  4. pad and stabilize position of brain
  5. diencephalon

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  1. the telencephalon ultimately forms the ___ of the adult braincerebral cortex issues command to begin (ie start waking). basal nuclei subconsciously controls mvmts (ie arm and leg motion). cerebral cortex gives command to stop (ie stop walking)


  2. olfactory cortexreceives info about taste


  3. thalamus functionmidbrain


  4. auditory association areamonitors auditory cortex and processes the info


  5. CSF is produced at the ___ ___regions of the cerebral cortex that monitor, interpret and process incoming data


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