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  1. the prosencephalon, mesencephalon and rhombencephelon are the three ___ ___ ___
  2. functions of CSF
  3. brain structure that integrates sensory input with motor output subconsciously
  4. each cerebral hemisphere reveives info and sends info to the ___ side of the body
  5. locations that the blood-brain barrier is incomplete (mostly for hormone secretion/interaction)
  1. a hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland and choroid plexus
  2. b diencephelon (thalamus and hypothalamus)
  3. c primary brain vesicles
  4. d 1-cushioning
    2-support (floats)
    3-transport nutrients, waste and chemical messengers
  5. e opposite

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  1. located in cerebrum, receive somatic sensory info from receptors for touch, pressure, pain, vibration, taste and temp
  2. type of axon of cerebral white matter, interconnect areas of cerebral cortex within a single hemisphere
  3. cerebellar cortex
  4. vasopressin
  5. cerebellum

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  1. layers of cranial meninges (from inside out)pad and stabilize position of brain


  2. visual association areamonitors visual cortex and interprets results (visual cortex allows you to see a string of letters, association area processes them allowing you to read)


  3. visual cortexin occipital lobe of cerebrum, receives visual info


  4. isolates neural tissue from general circulationrelay sensory info to the basal nuclei and cerebral cortex. acts as a filter sending only necessary sensory input


  5. functions of cranial meningesrecognizes faces, emotions, 3D relationships


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