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  1. functions of Lt hemisphere of cerebrum
  2. connects the lateral ventricles with the third ventricle
  3. isolates neural tissue from general circulation
  4. brains structure that modifies respiratory activity of medulla oblongata, relays info to cerebellum and sense/motor of cranial nerves for face and internal ear
  5. association fibers
  1. a interventricular foramen
  2. b type of axon of cerebral white matter, interconnect areas of cerebral cortex within a single hemisphere
  3. c pons (middle of brain stem)
  4. d Logic, analytics, math, speech, reading, writing, decision-making
  5. e blood-brain barrier

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  1. medulla oblongata (inferior brain stem)
  2. in temporal lobe of cerebrum, receives info about hearing
  3. in frontal lobe, coordinates info from entire cortex, performs abstract thoughts
  4. link cerebral cortex to pons, brain stem and spinal cord
  5. midbrain, pons and meulla oblongata

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  1. brain structure that processes visual and auditory sensations, somatic reflexes and maintains consciousnessdiencephelon (thalamus and hypothalamus)


  2. spinal cord connects to brain at themedulla oblongata


  3. cardiovascular and respiratory reflex centers are located in the ___ ___brain stem


  4. portion of the neural cortex (gray matter) that covers the cerebrumcerebellar cortex


  5. cranial nerves are numbered?type of axon of cerebral white matter, allow communication between hemispheres


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