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  1. endo-
  2. epi-
  3. osteoblasts
  4. cancellous bone
  5. peri-
  1. a surrounding
  2. b lighter, less strong bone that is found in the ends and inner portions of long bones; also called spongy bone
  3. c immature bone cells that produce bony tissue
  4. d within or inner
  5. e above

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  1. blood
  2. sinus containing bones (i.e., frontal bones of skull)
  3. wide end of long bone which is covered with articular cartilage and composed of cancellous bone
  4. unpaired bones (i.e., vertebrae and hip)
  5. small round bones embedded in tendons (i.e., patella)

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  1. hematopoieticpertaining to formation


  2. -umabove


  3. long bonebones consisting of a shaft, two ends, and a marrow cavity (i.e., femur)


  4. -blastsbreak


  5. -poieticpertaining to formation


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