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  1. dia-
  2. -um
  3. osteoblasts
  4. short bones
  5. -malacia
  1. a abnormal softening
  2. b immature bone cells that produce bony tissue
  3. c structure
  4. d between
  5. e cube shaped bones with no marrow cavity (i.e. carpals)

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  1. bone
  2. mainly composed of fat fat cells and serves as a fat storage
  3. formation of bone from fibrous tissue, continues until maturity.
  4. blood
  5. growth

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  1. -poieticsurrounding


  2. hematopoieticred bone marrow located in cancellous bone


  3. distal epiphysisthe end of the bone that is located farthest away from the midline


  4. endosteumtough fibrous tissue that form the lining of the medullary cavity


  5. sesamoid bonescube shaped bones with no marrow cavity (i.e. carpals)


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