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  1. -sclerosis
  2. physis
  3. distal epiphysis
  4. osteocytes
  5. osteoblasts
  1. a immature bone cells that produce bony tissue
  2. b growth
  3. c abnormal hardening
  4. d mature osteoblasts
  5. e the end of the bone that is located farthest away from the midline

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  1. above
  2. the tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone
  3. pertaining to formation
  4. bone
  5. surrounding

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  1. hemat/obeyond


  2. sesamoid bonessmall round bones embedded in tendons (i.e., patella)


  3. -clastsbreak


  4. osteoclastsphagocytic cells that eat away bony tissue froomthe medullary cavity of bone


  5. medullary cavityinner space of bone that contains yellow bone marrow


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