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  1. dewclaw
  2. coffin joint
  3. femoral head
  4. ungulates
  5. talus
  1. a short the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint
  2. b animals with hooves
  3. c functionless claw projecting caudally from ruminant fetlock
  4. d head of the femur connected to femoral neck
  5. e between short pastern and coffin bone of equine; joint between P2 and P3

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  1. collar bone; slender bone that connects sternum to the scapula.
  2. sesamoid bone int he rear limb on the caudal surface of the stiffle; region behind the knee
  3. dewclaw procedure in cats
  4. singular bone of the digit (one finger/toe)
    (Phalanx 3 or P3 maybe called claw in nonhooved animals)
  5. Fingers

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  1. sesamoid bonesSmall nodular bones embedded in tendons or a joint capsule. Often found in the hands and feet, the largest is the patella.


  2. tibialarge weight bearing bone distal long bone of the rear limb


  3. patellalarge sesamoid bone rear limb; kneecap


  4. fetlock jointbetween short pastern and coffin bone of equine; joint between P2 and P3


  5. antebrachiumcaudal pair of bones that help make up the pelvis


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