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  1. dewclaw
  2. femoral head
  3. tarsus
  4. stiffle joint
  5. femur
  1. a functionless claw projecting caudally from ruminant fetlock
  2. b The proximal bone of the hind or lower limb that is the longest and largest bone in the human body, extends from the hip to the knee
  3. c small animals irregular shaped bones; ankle
  4. d head of the femur connected to femoral neck
  5. e joint that houses the patella

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  1. large animals irregular shaped bones; ankle
  2. large socket of the pelvic bone that forms where where the three bones of the pelvis meet
  3. sesamoid bone found in the hoof of a horse on the palmer or planter surface
  4. large weight bearing bone distal long bone of the rear limb
  5. joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone of equine, joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone of equine

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  1. ungulatesanimals with hooves


  2. pastern jointbetween short pastern and coffin bone of equine; joint between P2 and P3


  3. crusarea of the rear limb between the stifle and hock; the leg from the knee to foot


  4. metacarpalsbeyond


  5. antebrachiumcaudal pair of bones that help make up the pelvis


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