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  1. ulna
  2. tibia
  3. humerus
  4. sacroiliac joint
  5. ischium
  1. a caudal pair of bones that help make up the pelvis
  2. b joint between the sacrum and the ilium
  3. c the bone of the proximal front limb, between the shoulder and the elbow
  4. d caudal bone of the front limb
  5. e distal long and slender bone of the rear limb

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  1. region of the two bone (radius and ulna) that form the forearm or distal front limb; The region from elbow to wrist
  2. the narrow area just below the head of the femur
  3. joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone of equine, joint between cannon bone and long pastern bone of equine
  4. proximal projection of the ulna that forms a point of the elbow
  5. a structure between bones, such as the muscles between the metacarpals

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  1. pubic symphysisventral pair of bones that help makes up the pelvis


  2. calcaneuslong lateral tarsal bone located in the proximal row of tarsals


  3. scapulalarge triangular shaped shoulder blade connected to the thorax


  4. carpal boneswrist; Irregular-shaped bones. In small animals is called carpus, large animals called knee


  5. onych/ocombining form for claw


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