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  1. phalanx
  2. olecranon
  3. digits
  4. pelvis
  5. calcaneus
  1. a proximal projection of the ulna that forms a point of the elbow
  2. b hip; bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis
  3. c long lateral tarsal bone located in the proximal row of tarsals
  4. d Fingers
  5. e singular bone of the digit (one finger/toe)
    (Phalanx 3 or P3 maybe called claw in nonhooved animals)

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  1. large weight bearing bone distal long bone of the rear limb
  2. functionless claw projecting caudally from ruminant fetlock
  3. joint between the long and short pastern bones; , joint between p1 and p2
  4. joint between the sacrum and the ilium
  5. head of the femur connected to femoral neck

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  1. humerusthe bone of the proximal front limb, between the shoulder and the elbow


  2. stiffle jointjoint that houses the patella


  3. onych/ocombining form for claw


  4. talussmall animals irregular shaped bones; ankle


  5. tibiadistal long and slender bone of the rear limb


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