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  1. phalanges
  2. condyles
  3. sacroiliac joint
  4. ilium
  5. interosseous
  1. a largest of the pelvis; pair of blade-shape bone
  2. b a structure between bones, such as the muscles between the metacarpals
  3. c joint between the sacrum and the ilium
  4. d bones of the fingers and toes
  5. e rounded projection

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  1. large triangular shaped shoulder blade connected to the thorax
  2. large weight bearing bone distal long bone of the rear limb
  3. singular bone of the digit (one finger/toe)
    (Phalanx 3 or P3 maybe called claw in nonhooved animals)
  4. sesamoid bone found in the hoof of a horse on the palmer or planter surface
  5. ventral pair of bones that help makes up the pelvis

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  1. antebrachiumcaudal pair of bones that help make up the pelvis


  2. tibiaventral pair of bones that help makes up the pelvis


  3. radiuscranial bone of the front limb


  4. poplitealcollar bone; slender bone that connects sternum to the scapula.


  5. tarsusshort the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint


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