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  1. a
    qǐng means: to/request to; to invite; please
  2. b
    bù (bú) means: not (the negative)
  3. c
    shén means: what
  4. d
    sì Means: 4
  5. e
    méi means: (negative marker)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. sān Means: 3

  2. liǎng means: 2 ( is always followed by a measure)

  3. wèn means: to ask; inquire

  4. yǒu means: to have; there is/are

  5. wàn means: ten thousand

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  1. gè means: (general measure)


  2. nǎ means: which?


  3. me means: (interrogative particle)


  4. tā means: he; him


  5. bǐ means: pen; writing instrument


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