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  1. What does Brown-Sequard syndrome cause?
  2. ASIA B) An incomplete lesion consists of:
  3. What can cause Radiculopathy?
  4. In recovery how long is the SC in Spinal Shock? What happens during this time?
  5. What is Spindylosis and what can it cause?
  1. a Only sensory or only motor is impaired
  2. b 24-48 hours, Inflammation
  3. c Hemicord Syndrome
  4. d Herniated Disk, Foramenal Encroachment from arthritis.
  5. e Vertebral bodies collapse on each other from osteoporosis and it can cause Anterior Cord Syndrome.

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  1. Corticospinal paresis ipsilateral below lesion, Dorsal columns (proprioception) Ipsilaterally, Spinothalamic (pain and temp) contralaterally below lesion.
  2. 40%
  3. <---
  4. Motor Vehicle Crash at 38.5%, followed by Acts of Violence 24%, Falls 21%, Sports 7%, and others 7%...
  5. Center of spinal cord lesion.

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  1. What is most important for OT's when working with SCI?Transverse Myelopathy


  2. What is the incidence of SCI?Transverse Myelopathy


  3. What separates the injury sites where a person would become paraplegia or quadriplegia?Above or Below the Thoracic Spine


  4. ASIA D) incomplete lesion:Sensory and motor in the majority of key muscles and muscle grade greater than 3/5


  5. what is Anterior Chord Syndrome?Lesion on one side of the cord.


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