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  1. Yes, Japan committed atrocities of various sorts during WWII, but Japan was punished in a way that doesn't happen anywhere else with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings
  2. To remember yourselves as something that valorized who you were was important. Its not what historians say about the French, but what the French say about themselves. The story that the french told about themselves as resisters is now apart of their national identity.
  3. Young Germans believed people let it happened and that they should have risen up against the Nazis and Hitler.
  4. Extreme Nationalism, Japan is like other nations, Japan was purified by punishment.

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  1. End of WWII - FranceDefeated in 1940; Philoipe Petain becomes leader of the government and collaborates with the Germans. Charles De Gaule - refused to accept the defeat and established a government in exile. He was a representative of French resistance and did not want France occupied. Felt the French would be crippled after the war if they thought of themselves as people who didn't resist. This is an example of classic model of collective memory. If French thought of themselves as people who didn't resist they would be weak.


  2. Japan Memory WWII - Japan is like other nationsAlot of them refuse to face Japan's past much like Germany


  3. Collective MemoryJapan sinned and was punished as a form of purification consequently, it has a responsibility to look for injustices around the world and point them out


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