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  1. gastric chief cells produce ___ which is then converted to pepsin
  2. gastroenteric reflex
  3. function of surfactant produced by type II alveolar cells
  4. Anemia is a disorder of which blood element?
  5. Leukemia is a disorder of what blood element?
  1. a pepsinogen
  2. b stimulates motility of small intestine to accelerate movement
  3. c WBC (leukocytes)
  4. d reduce surface tension for easier expansion during inspiration
  5. e Anemia is a deficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells (erythrocytes)

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  1. internal jugular, external jugular and vertebral veins
  2. early in ventricular systole, ventricles are contracting isometrically with all valves closed. Pressure is rising but no blood is flowing.
  3. bile salts
  4. lipids
  5. synthesizing glucose from a non-carbohydrate source such as fats or proteins.

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  1. thrombocytosishigh blood platelet count


  2. Which event occurs first after the P wave?contraction of the atria


  3. alkalosis affect on hemoglobin O2 satincrease in pH leads to increase in hemoglobin O2 sat


  4. EDV (End Diastolic Volume)The enterogastric reflex specifically inhibits the intestinal phase by stimulating sympathetic activity and secretion of cholecystokinin which, in turn, decrease motility and delay emptying.


  5. are valves found in veins or arteries?veins to prevent backflow


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