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  1. agglutination
  2. glycolysis
  3. is cholesterol soluble in water?
  4. which is an active process and which is passive inpiration/expiration?
  5. pepsin
  1. a inspiriation is active
    expiration is passive
  2. b enzyme that breaks down proteins during digestion
  3. c catabolism of carbs (ie- glucose) by enzymes for the release of energy and pyruvic acid
  4. d not soluble in water
  5. e clumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody

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  1. medulla oblongata
  2. amount of blood pumped out of ventricle with one contraction (SV= EDV - ESV)
  3. plasma
  4. reduce surface tension for easier expansion during inspiration
  5. opens ileocecal valve allowing materials to move from small intestine to alrge intestine.

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  1. surface tensionclumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody


  2. pCO2 affect on pHincreased pCO2 causes decrease in pH


  3. bicarbonate buffers are found in intestinal juice and produced in the ___in the pancreas


  4. bilecomplex plolysaccharide stored in the liver and in muscles. It's broken down for energy through glycogenolysis when glucose levels are low


  5. The segments of the colon are, in order:increase in pH (alkalosis) causes increase in hemoglobin O2 saturation; decrease in pH (acidosis) decreases hemoglobin O2 saturation


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