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  1. In the cephalic phase, reflexes from the ___-based senses stimulate increased gastric activity.
  2. is cholesterol soluble in water?
  3. ESV (End Systolic Volume)
  4. the largest arteries with elastic walls and few smooth muscle cells are said to be ___ arteries
  5. triglycerides are digested by the enzyme ___ ___
  1. a not soluble in water
  2. b blood volume in the ventricle at the end of systole, the contraction phase
  3. c pancreatic lipase
  4. d elastic
  5. e head

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  1. in the pancreas
  2. opens ileocecal valve allowing materials to move from small intestine to alrge intestine.
  3. abnormal decrease in blood platelets
  4. bile salts
  5. the volume ejected from the ventricle into the aorta each minute (HR x SV = CO)

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  1. biledeficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells (erythrocytes)


  2. the basilic and brachial veins of the upper arm empty into the ___ veinaxillary


  3. A major function of hepatocytes is the formation and secretion of which substance?Hepatocytes (liver cells) generate and secrete bile


  4. isovolumetric contractionclumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody


  5. alkalosis affect on hemoglobin O2 satincrease in pH leads to increase in hemoglobin O2 sat


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