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  1. parietal cells in the stomach secrete ___ ___
  2. pepsinogen is secreted by what type of cells?
  3. cephalic phase of gastric secretion
  4. triglycerides are digested by the enzyme ___ ___
  5. In the gastric phase, ___ receptors and ___ reactions control gastric activity.
  1. a chief cells in the gastric glands of the stomach
  2. b pancreatic lipase
  3. c begins when you smell, think of or taste food. directed by CNS, prepares stomach to receive food. speeds up production of gastric juices.
  4. d hydrochloric acid
  5. e stretch receptors and hormonal reactions

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  1. not soluble in water
  2. decrease in pH leads to decrease in hemoglobin O2 sat
  3. platelet
  4. blood volume in the ventricle at the end of systole, the contraction phase
  5. plasma

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  1. Longest stage of the cardiac cycle?time the atrioventricular valves are open. Bridges all of ventricular systole and diastole


  2. A major function of hepatocytes is the formation and secretion of which substance?Hepatocytes (liver cells) generate and secrete bile


  3. cardiovascular control centers such as cardioacceletory and cardioinhibitory centers are located in what part of the brain?The alveolar pressure is less than atmospheric pressure during inspiration, but greater than atmospheric pressure during expiration.


  4. The aortic valve opens during the ___ and closes at the end of the ___ ___opens during QRS, closes at end of T wave


  5. Where in the cardiovascular system is blood pressure normally the highest?the systemic circuit


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