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  1. bile salts and pancreatic enzymes digest what substance?
  2. thrombocytopenia
  3. glycolysis
  4. hydrolysis
  5. where is hydrochloric acid produced?
  1. a breaking chemical bonds by adding water. Opposite of dehydration synthesis. catabolic
  2. b catabolism of carbs (ie- glucose) by enzymes for the release of energy and pyruvic acid
  3. c lipids
  4. d abnormal decrease in blood platelets
  5. e parietal cells in the gastric glands of the stomach

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  1. increase in pH leads to increase in hemoglobin O2 sat
  2. hydrochloric acid
  3. early in diastole, all heart valves are closed, ventricles are relaxing but pressure is still higher than atrial pressure so no blood is flowing into ventricles yet.
  4. salivary and pacreatic enzymes
  5. Potassium's effect on muscle cells causes contractions to become weak and irregular and eventually to stop.

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  1. glycogenolysisthe breakdown of glycogen stores for use when there is insufficient glucose (catabolic reaction)


  2. EDV (End Diastolic Volume)blood volume in the ventricle before a contraction (at the end of diasole/relaxation)


  3. A major function of hepatocytes is the formation and secretion of which substance?lipids


  4. clotting problems and electrolyte imbalances are disorders of what blood element?plasma


  5. triglycerides are digested by the enzyme ___ ___pancreatic lipase


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