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  1. brachiocephalic vein
  2. lipoproteins
  3. In the gastric phase, ___ receptors and ___ reactions control gastric activity.
  4. gastroenteric reflex
  5. A major function of hepatocytes is the formation and secretion of which substance?
  1. a very large vein in the trunk formed by fusion fo the jugular and subclavian veins. It then emties into the Superior Venae Cavae.
  2. b blood components that carry cholesterol through the blood stream.
  3. c Hepatocytes (liver cells) generate and secrete bile
  4. d stretch receptors and hormonal reactions
  5. e stimulates motility of small intestine to accelerate movement

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  1. brachial vein
  2. opens during QRS, closes at end of T wave
  3. head
  4. begins when you smell, think of or taste food. directed by CNS, prepares stomach to receive food. speeds up production of gastric juices.
  5. parietal cells in the gastric glands of the stomach

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  1. How does the heart react to hyperkalemia?Potassium's effect on muscle cells causes contractions to become weak and irregular and eventually to stop.


  2. isovolumetric contractionclumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody


  3. The force of ventricular contraction ___ when venous return increasesrelatively low (high pressure causes edema)


  4. the largest arteries with elastic walls and few smooth muscle cells are said to be ___ arteriesSmall arteries are more muscular than large arteries


  5. thrombocytosishigh blood platelet count


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