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  1. which have relatively more smooth muscle, small arteries or large arteries?
  2. bile is secreted by ___
  3. isovolumetric relaxation
  4. triglycerides are digested by the enzyme ___ ___
  5. 3 phases of gastric secretion
  1. a hepatocytes (liver cells)
  2. b early in diastole, all heart valves are closed, ventricles are relaxing but pressure is still higher than atrial pressure so no blood is flowing into ventricles yet.
  3. c 1-cephalic phase
    2-gastric phase
    3-intestinal phase
  4. d pancreatic lipase
  5. e Small arteries are more muscular than large arteries

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  1. pCO2 increase causes decrease in pH (acidosis) which decreases hemoglobin O2 sat
  2. Hepatocytes (liver cells) generate and secrete bile
  3. very large vein in the trunk formed by fusion fo the jugular and subclavian veins. It then emties into the Superior Venae Cavae.
  4. abnormal decrease in blood platelets
  5. axillary

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  1. Anemia is a disorder of which blood element?WBC (leukocytes)


  2. how do bile salts aid in the digestion of fat?break down or emulsify fat droplets


  3. ___ is found in some plants and is unable to be digested by humanscellulose


  4. glycolysiscatabolism of carbs (ie- glucose) by enzymes for the release of energy and pyruvic acid


  5. what affect does living at high altitude have on your erythrocytes?veins to prevent backflow


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