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  1. 3 phases of gastric secretion
  2. The force of ventricular contraction ___ when venous return increases
  3. Which is the first hemostatic event to occur following damage to an arteriole?
  4. Stroke Volume
  5. The radial and ulnar veins fuse to form this vein that runs most of the length of the arm
  1. a increases
  2. b 1-cephalic phase
    2-gastric phase
    3-intestinal phase
  3. c brachial vein
  4. d Arteriolar smooth muscles contract in vascular spasm
  5. e amount of blood pumped out of ventricle with one contraction (SV= EDV - ESV)

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  1. the breakdown of glycogen stores for use when there is insufficient glucose (catabolic reaction)
  2. complex plolysaccharide stored in the liver and in muscles. It's broken down for energy through glycogenolysis when glucose levels are low
  3. blood volume in the ventricle at the end of systole, the contraction phase
  4. platelet
  5. very large vein in the trunk formed by fusion fo the jugular and subclavian veins. It then emties into the Superior Venae Cavae.

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  1. anemiacancers of the bone marrow and/or white blood cells


  2. surfactant in alveoli decreases ___ ___hydrochloric acid


  3. effect of hypercalcemia on the heartHeart irritability is increased


  4. cephalic vein locationcontractive tendency of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force. (its why objects float on water)


  5. clotting problems and electrolyte imbalances are disorders of what blood element?platelets


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