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  1. Second Continental Congress
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. Virginia
  4. Give me liberty, or give me death
  5. Boston Tea Party
  1. a met in Philadelphia (1775); organized the continental Army, called on the colonies to send troops, selected George Washington to lead the army, and appointed the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence
  2. b First British colony. Founded in 1607 by the Jamestown Settlement.
  3. c Patrick Henry speech given in 1775 to the Virginia Convention of Delegates. Taken from the papers known as the Virginia Resolves.
  4. d A 1773 protest against British taxes (Tea Act) in which Boston colonists (Sons of Liberty) disguised as Mohawks dumped valuable tea into Boston Harbor. British will respond by passing the Coercive Acts.
  5. e This document was adopted on July 4, 1776 by the Second Continental Congress. It established the 13 American colonies as independent states, free from rule by Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson wrote the majority of this document.

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  1. 1620 - The first agreement for self-government in America. It was signed by the 41 men on the Mayflower and set up a government for the Plymouth colony.
  2. phrase given to the shots fired at Lexington and Concord, MA, the first battles between the colonial minutemen and the British in the Revolutionary War
  3. French General who helped Washington during American Revolution and later became important in French Revolution.
  4. Patriot leader and president of the Second Continental Congress; first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.
  5. American public official, writer, scientist, and printer. After the success of his Poor Richard's Almanac (1732-1757), he entered politics and played a major part in the American Revolution. Franklin negotiated French support for the colonists, signed the Treaty of Paris (1783), and helped draft the Constitution (1787-1789). His numerous scientific and practical innovations include the lightning rod, bifocal spectacles, and a stove. He is also noted to have helped establish a fire company and helped found an early version of the postal service.

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  1. New England EconomyPrimarily consisted of ship building and fishing


  2. Toriesa ruler or person who has complete power and uses it in cruel or unjust ways


  3. Thomas JeffersonHe was a delegate from Virginia at the Second Continental Congress and wrote the Declaration of Independence. He later served as the third President of the United States.


  4. French and Indian Waran economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought


  5. Baron von SteubenPrussian soldier who helped train American forces at Valley Forge in the American Revolutionary War. Taught essential military skills such as drills, tactics, and discipline.


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