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  1. Hearse (Funeral Coach)
  2. Direct Disposer
  3. Casket Bearer (Pallbearer)
  4. Survivor
  5. Monsignor
  1. a One who outlives another person or event.
  2. b An individual who is registered by a state agency to perform only basic disposition with no accompanying funeral or other service.
  3. c One who actively bears or carries the casket during the funeral service and at the committal service.
  4. d An honorary title conferred upon a Priest.
  5. e An automobile designed and used for the conveyance of the casketed remains from place to place.

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  1. That portion of the funeral home in which guests or callers are received.
  2. The officiant who celebrates the Mass in the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. A motor coach having an enclosed compartment seating seven or more passengers.
  4. Time at which the family and friends may view the deceased.
  5. A building designed specifically for the care of the dead and the serving of the family who will arrange the service and ceremonies for the burial of the dead

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  1. Crematory (Crematorium)A furnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building that houses a retort.


  2. MortuaryLaws covering the right of possession and control of dead human bodies, operation of funeral homes,


  3. CreedA formal summary of religious belief, a confession of religious beliefs, principles or opinions professed or adhered to.


  4. BurialPlacing of a remains in an underground chamber; earth burial. See Interment.


  5. MorgueA place where dead human bodies are kept pending identification by relatives.


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