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  1. Pre-arranged Funeral
  2. Rosary Beads
  3. Obituary
  4. Funeralization
  5. Lectern
  1. a A desk so designed to facilitate the delivery of a lecture or sermon.
  2. b A process involving all activities associated with final disposition.
  3. c Arrangements which have been completed for an individual prior to death.
  4. d Beads and a crucifix used as an aid in the recitation of prayers.
  5. e A news item of the death of a person, particularly a newspaper notice, containing a biographical sketch.

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  1. A classified notice publicizing the death of a person and giving those details of the funeral service
  2. (From the French "casse," a chest of valuable possessions); a case or receptacle into which human
  3. The entry way into the funeral home or church.
  4. A mournful poem or song of lamentation for the dead.
  5. The collection, tabulation, and interpretation of data concerning birth, marriage, divorce, sickness, and death.

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  1. VestmentsOne who has served a prescribed period of time with the armed forces and who is no longer an active member of the armed forces.


  2. SholoshimMeaning 30 in the Jewish faith; the 30-day mourning period.


  3. PastorOne having spiritual care over a number of people.


  4. EpitaphA commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument.


  5. MenorahHebrew meaning rending or tearing; a symbol of grief; a tear in the upper corner of the garment or a tear on a symbolic ribbon which is worn by the survivors


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