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Funeral Directing Test

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  1. Non-traditional Funeral Rite
  2. Funeral Home
  3. Crypt
  4. Rabbi
  5. Patricide
  1. a A chamber in a mausoleum, of sufficient size, generally used to contain the casketed remains of a deceased person.
  2. b A building designed specifically for the care of the dead and the serving of the family who will arrange the service and ceremonies for the burial of the dead
  3. c A teacher or ordained leader in the Jewish faith.
  4. d Killing of one's father.
  5. e A funeral rite which deviates from the normal or prescribed circumstances of established custom.

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  1. A body of persons distinguished by peculiarities of faith and practice from other bodies adhering to the same general system.
  2. Death prior to the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother.
  3. In the Jewish faith, a prayer recited for the deceased by the direct mourners (parents, siblings, spouse, children) for the first time
  4. (From the old English "bear," a stretcher to convey the remains or casket.) A large structure which can not be collapsed into a smaller size and is used to hold the casket or casketed remains during a funeral ceremony
  5. In the Roman Catholic faith, a piece of cloth or a metal having religious significance usually worn around the neck.

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  1. RecessionalA hexagonal or octagonal receptacle, in which human remains are placed for burial or cremation. Anthropoidal in shape.


  2. SoleaIn the Eastern Orthodox church, the open area before the altar.


  3. CeremonyAn area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies.


  4. EmbalmerSee Prie Dieu.


  5. PriestA pile of wood on which a dead body is placed for burning (cremation).


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