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  1. Pyre
  2. Social Security Administration
  3. Scapular
  4. Calling Hours (Visiting Hours)
  5. Clientele
  1. a In the Roman Catholic faith, a piece of cloth or a metal having religious significance usually worn around the neck.
  2. b A branch of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services which provides benefits for retirement, survivor's insurance, disability, health insurance and death
  3. c Time at which the family and friends may view the deceased.
  4. d a. Group of clients; b. Those who adhere or resort to a person for professional help and advice.
  5. e A pile of wood on which a dead body is placed for burning (cremation).

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  1. See Narthex.
  2. From the Latin (sepulcrum): burial place to tomb.
  3. A desk so designed to facilitate the delivery of a lecture or sermon.
  4. The moving of the dead human body from the place of death to the funeral home or other designated place.
  5. One in whom all physical life as ceased.

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  1. YahrzeitThe act of placing cremated remains in an urn.


  2. ChancelThe singing or intoning of all or portions of liturgical service.


  3. After CareA call made on the surviving relatives after the funeral service by the funeral director or an assistant.


  4. Sign of the CrossIn the Roman Catholic faith, a man who is a member of a religious order without being ordained or while preparing for ordination.


  5. CatacombsIn the Roman Catholic faith, a member of the clerical order (clergy) just below a Priest.


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