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  1. Escort
  2. Ethics
  3. Secularization
  4. Niche
  5. Transportation Papers
  1. a Permit for removal and other documents necessary for transporting remains by common carrier as prescribed by law.
  2. b The principles of morality including both the science of good and nature of right.
  3. c To accompany, as a leader of the procession or guardian of the group.
  4. d A recess or space in a columbarium used for the permanent placing of cremated remains.
  5. e The absence of religious rites at a funeral service (secular service).

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  1. The act of disposition by which human remains are interred whether by burial, entombment, or inurement.
  2. In the Roman Catholic faith, a prayer or scripture service usually held at the funeral home the evening before the Funeral Mass.
  3. In the Roman Catholic faith, the ending portion of the Funeral Mass.
  4. The collection, tabulation, and interpretation of data concerning birth, marriage, divorce, sickness, and death.
  5. Body of a deceased person.

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  1. TehillimSee Prie Dieu.


  2. Pre-arranged FuneralArrangements which have been completed for an individual prior to death.


  3. CemeteryAn area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies.


  4. PopeA subdivision in a cemetery which consists of several grave or interment spaces.


  5. LotThe head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome.


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