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  1. Memorial Book
  2. Door Badge
  3. Mortuary
  4. Cide
  5. Fraternal
  1. a Belonging to a brother; of or relating to a brotherhood.
  2. b Word-ending meaning "to kill."
  3. c A crepe badge or floral design placed on the door indicating the death of an individual.
  4. d See Register Book.
  5. e A building designed specifically for the care of the dead and the serving of the family who will arrange the service and ceremonies

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  1. An erection of stone or other material commemorating the life, deeds or career of some deceased person.
  2. A title conferred by ordination.
  3. A desk so designed to facilitate the delivery of a lecture or sermon.
  4. A watch kept over the deceased sometimes lasting the entire night preceding the funeral; a watch kept over the dead; today it takes place of visitation, calling hours or shiva, Prayers and scripture reading may be part of the wake
  5. Meaning 30 in the Jewish faith; the 30-day mourning period.

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  1. HomicideFuneral director-embalmer; a coined word to designate the "caretaker" of the dead (most commonly used term: funeral director).


  2. Death CertificateA Roman Catholic prayer service for the repose of the soul of the departed.


  3. CotA portable stretcher commonly employed in an ambulance or transfer vehicle for the moving of the sick, injured, or deceased.


  4. Immediate DispositionAny disposition of a human remains which is completely devoid of any form of funeral rite at the time of disposition.


  5. Memorial ServiceA service conducted in memory of the deceased without the remains being present.


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