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  1. Canopy (Cemetery Tent)
  2. Narthex (Lobby, Vestibule, Foyer)
  3. IHS
  4. Acknowledgment Cards
  5. Exhumation
  1. a A portable shelter employed to cover the grave area during the committal.
  2. b Cards of recognition sent to friends for kindness shown to deceased's family.
  3. c An act of disinterring human remains.
  4. d The entry way into the funeral home or church.
  5. e The first three letters in the Greek word for Jesus.

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  1. Refers to the mass for the dead. Funeral service and/or music for the repose of the soul of the departed (old mass).
  2. In the Jewish faith, a memorial service; literally "God full of compassion;" usually the last prayer of the funeral service;
  3. See Transfer of Remains.
  4. A person in grief because of the death of a person once loved; usually restricted to use in describing the members of the immediate family and relatives
  5. See Christian Burial Permit.

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  1. HespedFrom the English "scrud"; a garment; clothing for the dead (poor usage except for Jewish); clothing for the dead (Jewish); a robe like garment


  2. Potters FieldA piece of ground reserved as a burial place for strangers and the friendless poor.


  3. ScapularIn the Roman Catholic faith, a piece of cloth or a metal having religious significance usually worn around the neck.


  4. MorticianKilling of either or both parents.


  5. Code Of EthicsSelf-imposed rules of conduct specific to the group only.


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