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  1. Tomb
  2. Survivor
  3. Catafalque
  4. Funeral Service
  5. Lectern
  1. a A rigid movable standard upon which the casket rests during the funeral service and/or while laying in state.
  2. b One who outlives another person or event.
  3. c The rites held at the time of disposition of human remains, with the body present.
  4. d A general term designating those places suitable for the reception of a dead human body.
  5. e A desk so designed to facilitate the delivery of a lecture or sermon.

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  1. Payment made by the funeral home to another business or person on the family's behalf.
  2. A book or list of those attending the service.
  3. In the Jewish faith, a prayer recited for the deceased by the direct mourners (parents, siblings, spouse, children) for the first time
  4. Music played prior to the service.
  5. In the Jewish faith, the ceremony of washing the deceased before the burial; serves as a ritual purification or cleansing of the body and should be performed by the Chevra Kaddisha

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  1. Non-traditional FuneralReligious oriented service that follows a more modern interpretation, including favorite music, peoms, and readings


  2. Sister (Nun)A room in the mortuary for the receiving and caring for flowers sent for funeral service.


  3. Bar MinenBody of a deceased person.


  4. Cemetery TentThe procession of vehicles from the place of the funeral to the place of interment.


  5. SuicideTo kill oneself intentionally; deliberate and intentional destruction of his own life.


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