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  1. What does Transfer RNA do?
  2. What are the two Nucleic Acids?
  3. Who was Johann Miescher?
  4. How many types of amino acids are there?
  5. How many codon or codons can there be for the same amino acid?
  1. a DNA and RNA
  2. b Brings amino acids to the ribosome - the site of protein synthesis
  3. c A Swiss physician who identified DNA; thought it was a simple molecule containing only four parts
  4. d Only one
  5. e Twenty

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  1. Only one
  2. DNA - Double chain structure - contains deoxyribose sugar - bases are adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine - DNA is found in the nucleus - there aren't different types of DNA
  3. AGU; GAU; AAU
  4. By bringing 20 different amino acids dissolved in the cytoplasm to the ribosomes
  5. To carry the genetic information of an organism

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  1. What is Substitution?When one base is substituted for another


  2. What are three ways in which the structure of RNA differs from the structure of DNA?1) RNA is single stranded while DNA has a double helix
    2) RNA has uracil while DNA has thymine
    3) RNA has a ribose base while DNA has a deoxyribose base


  3. What are proteins made up of?Amino Acids


  4. Define Nucleotides?A five carbon sugar


  5. Which amino acids are represented by only one codon?Methionine and Tryptophan


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