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  1. What is transcription?
  2. RNA transcription is similar to what process in DNA?
  3. How many anti-codons can be in a codon?
  4. How many types of amino acids are there?
  5. What is Deletion?
  1. a When a base is lost
  2. b DNA replication
  3. c The process of making RNA from DNA
  4. d Only one
  5. e Twenty

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  1. DNA and RNA
  2. The nucleus
  3. A carbon ring structure that contains one or more atoms of nitrogen
  4. A scientist who studied material in dead bacteria; came to the conclusion that you could change harmless bacteria to harmful bacteria
  5. A messenger RNA molecule containing DNA material - the messenger RNA (mRNA) then goes to the ribosome

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  1. What genetic mutation does Sickle Cell Anemia have?When a substitution doesn't change the amino acid


  2. How does transfer RNA help in translation?Brings amino acids to the ribosome - the site of protein synthesis


  3. How is DNA different from RNA?DNA has thymine but RNA doesn't; while RNA has uracil but DNA doesn't


  4. Describe the structure of Nucleotides?1) a phosphate
    2) a deoxyribose sugar
    3) Nitrogen bases (Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine & Thymine)


  5. Where does translation take place?In the nucleus


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