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  1. Who was Johann Miescher?
  2. What is a double helix?
  3. How does transfer RNA help in translation?
  4. What is transcription?
  5. Chart out DNA (nucleic acid)
  1. a DNA - Double chain structure - contains deoxyribose sugar - bases are adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine - DNA is found in the nucleus - there aren't different types of DNA
  2. b The process by which enzymes in the nucleus make an RNA copy of a portion of a DNA strand
  3. c The double coiled shape of DNA
  4. d By bringing 20 different amino acids dissolved in the cytoplasm to the ribosomes
  5. e A Swiss physician who identified DNA; thought it was a simple molecule containing only four parts

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  1. In the nucleus
  2. AGU; GAU; AAU
  3. Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine
  4. Several bases (pieces of DNA) are moved and deleted
  5. The DNA is duplicated and there is too much information

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  1. Describe the genetic mutation - translocation?Chromosome flip - flops


  2. Define Phosphate Group?A group composed of one phosphorus atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms


  3. How many codon or codons can there be for the same amino acid?Twenty


  4. Where does translation take place?In the nucleus


  5. Who was Fredrick Griffith?A scientist who studied at Rockefeller University; concluded that DNA was a transforming factor


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