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  1. superior
  2. frontal
  3. distal
  4. midsagittal
  5. Telophase
  1. a divides the body in anterior and posterior halves
  2. b evenly divided between left and right halves
  3. c towards the trunk or head
  4. d fourth stage of mitosis where 2 new daughter cells are formed
  5. e farthest point of attachment

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  1. area below the gastrointestinal cavity
  2. 3 fatty acids attached to glycerol
  3. proton donor with a pH less than 7
  4. second hierarchy of complexity
  5. away from midline

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  1. lipidsRight and left sides next to the hypogastric region


  2. alkalidityproton donor with a pH less than 7


  3. posteriorfront of the body


  4. adhesiona property of water that allows water to bond with like elements (oxygen, hydrogen)


  5. anteriortowards the feet


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