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  1. alkalidity
  2. pH
  3. transverse
  4. superior
  5. inferior
  1. a towards the feet
  2. b towards the trunk or head
  3. c divides the body into superior and inferior halves
  4. d proton acceptor with a pH greater than 7
  5. e a table indicating the acidity or alkaline of a substance

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  1. 3 fatty acids attached to glycerol
  2. divides the body in anterior and posterior halves
  3. fifth hierarchy of complexity
  4. fourth hierarchy of complexity
  5. sugar made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen

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  1. Organismthird hierarchy of complexity


  2. midsagittalevenly divided between left and right halves


  3. iliacfatty acids (phospholipids, cholesterol, eiconasoids


  4. medialfarthest point of attachment


  5. lateralaway from midline


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