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  1. Third shell of an atom can contain how many electrons?
  2. The nucleus of an atom contains...??
  3. Polar Covalent Bond
  4. Trace elements
  5. Molecule
  1. a A covalent bond between atoms that differ in electronegativity. The shared electrons are pulled closer to the more electornegative atom, making it slightly negative and the other atom slightly positive.
  2. b Two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.
  3. c an element that is essential for life but required in extremely minute amounts.
  4. d 8
  5. e Neutrons and protons.

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  1. Decreasing pH of ocean waters due to absoprtion of excess atmospheric CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels.
  2. A covalent bond in which electrons are shared equally between two atoms of similar electronegativity.
  3. A solution in which water is the solvent.
  4. A subsctance that cannot be broken down to other substance by ordinary chemcial means.
  5. A chemical bond resulting from the attraction between oppositely charged ions.

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  1. What 4 elements make up about 96% of living matter?Neutrons and protons.


  2. AdhesionThe attraction between different kinds of molecules.


  3. IonAn atom or group of atoms that has gained or lost one or more electrongs, thus acquiring a charge.


  4. Evaporative Coolingoccurs because the molecules with the greates energy leave.


  5. BuffersA chemical substance that resists changes in pH by accepting hydrogen ions from or donating hydrogen ions to solutions.

    substance that minimize changes in pH.


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