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  1. pelvic
  2. inter-
  3. floppy disk
  4. non emergency calls
  5. sacr/o
  1. a a thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.
  2. b If a call is taking longer than exprected, place the caller on hold or ask if you can call them back.
  3. c cavity surrounded by the hip bone
  4. d between
  5. e sacrum

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  1. The liver lies ______ to the intestines
  2. -phone number
    -person you are transferring them to
  3. When first class mail is over 12 oz, it is considered this?
  4. be sure to include patient name, parent's name when appropriate, reason for visit, provider to be seen, date, time, and current phone number
  5. You are obtaining telephone messages from the answering service or machine...this is why you prioritize them?

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  1. crani/oskull


  2. fixed matrixthe patients, sign in, note the time they arrive and are seen by the doctor in that order


  3. vertebralback bone


  4. lumbarregion of the waist


  5. hardwarethe electronic, magnetic, and electromechanical equipment of a computer system is?


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