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  1. cranial
  2. trache/o
  3. complicated
  4. prone
  1. a cavity surrounded by the skull
  2. b lying on the belly
  3. c written communication is less ____ due to the advent of computers
  4. d trachea (windpipe)

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  1. The USPS uses this and bar code sorters to read the addresses on envelopes you mail
  2. This is what you do when mail is marked personal and confidential?
  3. opposite of deep
  4. a letter written by a physician to a licensing board is considered this type of letter
  5. what are the 5 cavities of the body?

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  1. clear, distinct voiceWhen answering the office phone, you should use this type of voice?


  2. proximalcavity surrounded by the back bones


  3. caudalThe diaphragm lies ______ to the organs in the thoracic cavity.


  4. coccygealThe diaphragm lies ______ to the organs in the thoracic cavity.


  5. abdominalcavity below the chest containg digestive organs


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