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  1. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  2. facsimile
  3. superior
  4. back up policy
  5. single-booking
  1. a Software disks are available on these depending on the size of the program (2 things)
  2. b Used when the patient's appointment will take a considerable amount of time
  3. c Your office should have this to ensure that office computer programs and data are always stored in another location
  4. d the transmission of letter, messages, or memos from one computer to another over telephone lines
  5. e above another structure

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  1. central processing unit, or the 'brain' of the system
  2. cavity below the chest containg digestive organs
  3. You should do this (include) when you are typing a business letter that is more than one page?
  4. what are the 5 cavities of the body?
  5. a thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.

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  1. ana-away from the surface of the body


  2. inter-Pertaining to the side


  3. deepA display of available functions


  4. outputWhat the computer produces after information is processed, revised, and printed out


  5. screeningYou may need to do this (proceed through a set of questions to determin the caller's condition and how soon the patient should be seen by a physician) when scheduling appointments


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