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  1. CD-R or DVD-R
  2. cephalic
  3. cranial, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, spinal
  4. fixed matrix
  5. facsimile
  1. a the transmission of letter, messages, or memos from one computer to another over telephone lines
  2. b nothing should be scheduled in a time slot that has this?
  3. c can only record data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc
  4. d what are the 5 cavities of the body?
  5. e pertaining to the head

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  1. pertaining to the vertebra, backbone
  2. process of cutting
  3. the readable paper copy or printout of information
  4. The reason why ALL calls should be documented
  5. -best time to return call
    -what the call is regarding
    -name and number of caller

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  1. answering multi phone lines-ask first patient if they can hold
    -answer second call...determine if it is an emergency...
    -place them on hold
    -finish with first call before returning to second call


  2. cervicalneck


  3. lumbarregion of the waist


  4. punctuation, proper grammar, spellingthe most important quality of any communication is this?


  5. optical character readers OCRsthe patients, sign in, note the time they arrive and are seen by the doctor in that order


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