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  1. floppy disk
  2. cranial
  3. optical character readers OCRs
  4. priority mail
  5. pelvic
  1. a When first class mail is over 12 oz, it is considered this?
  2. b a thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.
  3. c cavity surrounded by the skull
  4. d cavity surrounded by the hip bone
  5. e The USPS uses this and bar code sorters to read the addresses on envelopes you mail

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  1. An informal memo style of communication that is usually specific to one concern
  2. a practical way to inform employees about the schedule and enforce the established guidelines for office hours?
  3. what are the 5 cavities of the back?
  4. -ask first patient if they can hold
    -answer second call...determine if it is an emergency...
    -place them on hold
    -finish with first call before returning to second call
  5. be sure to include patient name, parent's name when appropriate, reason for visit, provider to be seen, date, time, and current phone number

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  1. vertebrapertaining to the vertebra, backbone


  2. supinecavity surrounded by the back bones


  3. answering phonesopposite of dorsal


  4. CPUAt times, you may need to use this (a device that allows you to comunicate with the hearing imparied patient by typing messages) in order to schedule an appointment


  5. sagittalPlan that divides the body into right and left portions


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