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  1. CD-R or DVD-R
  2. make sure you answer calls in order of importance
  3. clear, distinct voice
  4. distal
  5. thoracic
  1. a You are obtaining telephone messages from the answering service or machine...this is why you prioritize them?
  2. b far from the point of attachment to the trunk or far from the beginning of a structure
  3. c cavity in the chest surrounded by the ribs
  4. d can only record data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc
  5. e When answering the office phone, you should use this type of voice?

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  1. The reason why ALL calls should be documented
  2. internal organs
  3. -speakerphones cameras, connection devices, and television monitors are networked together so that everyone can see and hear each other at the same time
  4. above, upon
  5. the main storage component for a computer; and oxide-coated metal platter sealed in a housing to ensure dust free operation

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  1. -ealaway from the surface of the body


  2. vertebraPertaining to the side


  3. complicatedpertaining to the head


  4. addressThis information goes on the line below the recipient line on an envelope?


  5. search enginea program that searched documents for specified key words and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found


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