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  1. sagittal
  2. teleconferencing
  3. professional letters
  4. hist/o
  5. CD-R or DVD-R
  1. a tissue
  2. b -speakerphones cameras, connection devices, and television monitors are networked together so that everyone can see and hear each other at the same time
  3. c pertaining to lengthwise
  4. d a letter written by a physician to a licensing board is considered this type of letter
  5. e can only record data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc

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  1. internal organs
  2. pertaining to the head
  3. pertaining to the tailbone, coccyx
  4. Many patients can be provided with the necessary preparations, be examined by the physician, and have appointments completed quickly
  5. a thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.

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  1. CPUcentral processing unit, or the 'brain' of the system


  2. -ealpertaining to


  3. distalfar from the point of attachment to the trunk or far from the beginning of a structure


  4. sagittalcavity surrounded by the back bones


  5. stamped or meteredMail can either be this or that (2 things)


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