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  1. distal
  2. IOC interoffice communication
  3. informal notes
  4. information sheets
  5. chondr/o
  1. a Specific written instructions regarding the examinations and diagnostic tests performed in your office
  2. b opposite of proximal
  3. c informal and appropriate when expressions of thanks or congratulations are conveyed
  4. d cartilage
  5. e An informal memo style of communication that is usually specific to one concern

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  1. region of the tailbone
  2. sacrum
  3. near the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure
  4. cavity below the chest containg digestive organs
  5. cavity surrounded by the hip bone

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  1. monitoring calls-Listen quietly and take notes
    -Caller must give consent


  2. spinalregion of the sacrum


  3. trache/ochest


  4. sacralregion of the sacrum


  5. deeppertaining to


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