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  1. conclave
  2. colossal
  3. condone
  4. compelling
  5. conclusive
  1. a decisive; ending all debate
    When the stolen books turned up in John's locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
    mysterious thief.
  2. b huge
    Radio City Music Hall has a colossal stage.
  3. c overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
    Unlike Widow Douglass, who condoned Huck's minor offenses, Miss Watson did nothing but scold.
  4. d private meeting
    He was present at all their conclaves as an unofficial observer.
  5. e overpowering; irresistible in effect
    The prosecutor presented a well-reasoned case, but the defense attorney's compelling arguments for
    leniency won over the jury.

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  1. adequate; deservedly severe
    The public approved the condign punishment for the crime.
  2. helpful; contributive
    Rest and proper diet are conducive to good health.
  3. brief, comprehensive summary
    This text can serve as a compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this
  4. mutually agreed on; done together
    The girl scouts in the troop made a concerted effort to raise funds for their annual outing, and emitted a
    concerted sigh when their leader announced that they had reached their goal.
  5. making up for; repaying
    Can a compensatory education program make up for the inadequate schooling he received in earlier years?

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  1. comportbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  2. comityattractive; agreeable
    I would rather have a poor and comely wife than a rich and homely one.


  3. concurrentagree Did you concur with the decision of the court or did you find it unfair?


  4. compactbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  5. complaisantyielding
    He was compliant and ready to go along with his friends' desires.


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