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  1. advocate
  2. virulent
  3. turbulent
  4. adverse
  5. cognizant
  1. a disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy
  2. b unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile
  3. c aware, having knowledge of something
  4. d extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred
  5. e to be in favor of, to support

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  1. very obvious in an offensive or shameless way
  2. a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own
  3. to hinder, defeat, to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate
  4. reechoing, resounding, vibrate in sound
  5. to hinder, impede, to get in the way of

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  1. emaciatedbring to an end or halt


  2. excruciatingagonizing, torturing, very painful


  3. asseta useful or valuable quality


  4. reprehensibleunable to be calmed down or made peaceful, unrelenting


  5. ubiquitousbeing everywhere at the same time


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