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  1. effigy
  2. impresario
  3. obsolescence
  4. asset
  5. fretful
  1. a worrisome, irritable, anxious
  2. b a likeness (usually of a hated person)
  3. c process of wearing out, the process of becoming obsolete
  4. d a useful or valuable quality
  5. e organizer, an entertainment producer or manager

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  1. request, seek, petition, beg
  2. a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit
  3. needy, poor enough to need help from others
  4. aware, having knowledge of something
  5. agonizing, torturing, very painful

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  1. advocateunfavorable, negative; working against, hostile


  2. dubiousdoubtful; of unlikely authenticity


  3. spewa useful or valuable quality


  4. blatantvery obvious in an offensive or shameless way


  5. nefariousdoubtful; of unlikely authenticity


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