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  1. acrimnious
  2. (to) revere
  3. (to) emulate
  4. (to) slander
  5. intrinsic
  1. a an essential part of
  2. b spiteful, nasty, caustic
  3. c to strive to equal or surpass, usually through imitation
  4. d to say malicious things about them, to defame, to spread malicious rumors about
  5. e to honor, to highly respect, to venerate, to regard with awe

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  1. to zeal, ardor, impassioned enthusiasm, intensity of feeling
  2. a sudden downfall or collapse
  3. to conclude without being directly told
  4. to wave one's arms or hands, to make gestures
  5. the home or household

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  1. (to) vilifyto slander, to speak badly of, to put down, to say vile things about


  2. (to) professto declare, to claim


  3. (to) corrborateto strive to equal or surpass, usually through imitation


  4. (a) sycophanta fortress, a stronghold, a fortified place


  5. (a) bastionsomeone with mastery, who excels or has special knowledge of a field


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