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  1. (to) comprise
  2. (to) sequester
  3. requisitie
  4. deduce
  5. (a) bastion
  1. a to be made up of or contain
  2. b a fortress, a stronghold, a fortified place
  3. c required or necessary, indispensable
  4. d to conclude without being directly told
  5. e to set apart, to seclude or isolate

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  1. to declare, to claim
  2. not obvious
  3. haughty, patronizing, contemptuous
  4. longing for the past, a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period
  5. equivalent or equal

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  1. (to be) wistfulto be easily manageable, to be passive and compliant, to be malleable


  2. (to) instigateto incite, to provoke, to stir up, to initiate, to provide the catalyst the begins something


  3. (a) sycophanta fortress, a stronghold, a fortified place


  4. (to) corrborateto be made up of or contain


  5. (to) fomentto declare, to claim


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