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  1. (to be) wistful
  2. (to) sequester
  3. agarian
  4. (to) profess
  5. (a) debacle
  1. a to declare, to claim
  2. b to feel yearning, to express longing
  3. c to set apart, to seclude or isolate
  4. d a sudden downfall or collapse
  5. e relating to the land, to agriculture, to farming in particular

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  1. required or necessary, indispensable
  2. haughty, patronizing, contemptuous
  3. to honor, to highly respect, to venerate, to regard with awe
  4. to instigate, to stir up, to promote
  5. to conclude without being directly told

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  1. (an) amenityto mourn, to feel or express sorrow over, to grieve


  2. tantamountequivalent or equal


  3. asurfeitinactive, as though asleep or actually asleep; in a state or hibernation


  4. domesticthe home or household


  5. taciturninsignificant, ridiculously or insultingly small


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