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  1. assiduous --
  2. submissive --
  3. adulation --
  4. conformist --
  5. transient --
  1. a (n) person who complies with accepted rules and customs
  2. b (adj) persistent, hard-working
  3. c (adj) temporary, short-lived, fleeting
  4. d (n) high praise
  5. e (adj) tending to meekness, to submit to the will of others

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  1. (n) joy, celebration, exultation
  2. (n) worship, profound respect
  3. (adj) wealthy
  4. (adj) thrifty, cheap
  5. (adj) weakening, tiring

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  1. discredit --v) to harm the reputation of, dishonor or disgrace


  2. scrutinize --(n) impulsive action, unplanned events


  3. demagogue --(v) to imitate, follow an example


  4. impute --(v) to attribute an action to particular person or group


  5. adversity --(n) decency, honesty, wholeness


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