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  1. hypothesis --
  2. scrutinize --
  3. surreptitious --
  4. antagonist --
  5. suppress --
  1. a (n) assumption, theory requiring proof
  2. b (v) to observe carefully
  3. c (v) to end an activity, e.g., to prevent the dissemination of information
  4. d (n) foe, opponent, adversary
  5. e (adj) secret, stealthy

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  1. (adj) possessing an attitude of superiority, patronizing
  2. (n) sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge
  3. (v) to criticize harshly
  4. (adj) unusually advanced or talented at an early age
  5. (adj) weakening, tiring

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  1. demagogue --(v) to imitate, follow an example


  2. anonymous --(adj) persistent, hard-working


  3. camaraderie --(n) trust, sociability amongst friends


  4. substantiate --(n) impulsive action, unplanned events


  5. abbreviate --(n) short, usually funny account of an event


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