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  1. anecdote --
  2. mundane --
  3. exemplary --
  4. enhance --
  5. evanescent --
  1. a (adj) ordinary, commonplace
  2. b (n) short, usually funny account of an event
  3. c (adj) outstanding, an example to others
  4. d (adj) quickly fading, short-lived, esp. an image
  5. e (v) to improve, bring to a greater level of intensity

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  1. (adj) rash, impulsive, acting without thinking
  2. (adj) secret, stealthy
  3. (v) to imitate, follow an example
  4. (adj) pertaining to beauty or the arts
  5. (n) impulsive action, unplanned events

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  1. longevity --(n) long life


  2. opulent --(adj) quick to recover, bounce back


  3. anonymous --(adj) persistent, hard-working


  4. reconciliation --(n) the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute


  5. hypothesis --(n) assumption, theory requiring proof


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