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  1. integrity --
  2. anecdote --
  3. inconsequential --
  4. digression --
  5. florid --
  1. a (adj) red-colored, flushed; gaudy, ornate
  2. b (n) decency, honesty, wholeness
  3. c (adj) unimportant, trivial
  4. d (n) short, usually funny account of an event
  5. e (n) the act of turning aside, straying from the main point, esp. in a speech or argument

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  1. (n) trust, sociability amongst friends
  2. (adj) quickly fading, short-lived, esp. an image
  3. (n) sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge
  4. (n) assumption, theory requiring proof
  5. (n) the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute

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  1. ostentatious --(adj) showy, displaying wealth


  2. impetuous --(adj) rash, impulsive, acting without thinking


  3. procrastinate --(v) to unnecessarily delay, postpone, put off


  4. venerable --(adj) respected because of age


  5. abstinence --(n) the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking


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