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  1. incompatible --
  2. antagonist --
  3. adversity --
  4. enhance --
  5. exemplary --
  1. a (n) misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events
  2. b (v) to improve, bring to a greater level of intensity
  3. c (adj) outstanding, an example to others
  4. d (n) foe, opponent, adversary
  5. e (adj) opposed in nature, not able to live or work together

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  1. (adj) nameless, without a disclosed identity
  2. (v) to verify, confirm, provide supporting evidence
  3. (n) repair, making something new again
  4. (n) irritation, frustration
  5. (n) person who seeks to influence political events

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  1. resilient --(adj) quick to recover, bounce back


  2. aesthetic --(adj) pertaining to beauty or the arts


  3. reconciliation --(n) the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute


  4. procrastinate --(v) to observe carefully


  5. impetuous --(adj) persistent, hard-working


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