Modern Biology Chapter 18 Introduction to Ecology Vocabulary

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Modern Biology book by Postlethwait and Hopson Copyright 2006 Chapter 18 "Introduction to Ecology" Vocabulary


the study of interactions between organishms and the living and nonliving components of their environment


the dependence of every organism on its connections with other living and nonliving parts of its environment

Ecological Models

a representation or description of the components of an ecological system


the bradest, most inclusive level of organisation;the thin volume of Earth and its atmosphere that supports life


the level of organization that includes all of the organisms and nonliving environment found in a patriculat place


the level of organization that includes the interacting organisms living in an area


the level of organization that includes all the members of a species that live in one place at one time


the place where an organism lives

Biotic Factors

the living components of an environment

Abiotic Factors

the nonliving compnents of an environment

Tolerance Curve

a graph of performance versus value of an environmental variable


the process by which organisms can adust thier tolerance to abiotic factors


organisms that do not regulate their internal conditions


organisms that use energy to control some of thier internal conditions


a state of reduced activity to escape unsuitable conditions


to move to a more favorable habitat to escape unsuitable conditions


the specific role of a secies within is environment


species with broad niches


species that have narrow niches


organisms that can capture energy and use it to make organic molecules


the process in which autotrophic bacteria use energy stored in inorganic molecules to produce carbohydrates

Gross Primary Productivity

the rate which producers in an ecosystem capture the energy of sunlight by producing organic compounds


the organic material that has been produced in an ecosystem

Net Primary Productivity

the rate at which biomass accumulates


organisms that cannot manufacture thier own food and eat other organisms


organisms that eat producers


organisms that eat consumers


organisms that eat both producers and consumers


organisms that eat the "garbage" of an ecosystestem

Trophic Level

an organism's position in a sequence of energy transfers

Food Chain

a single pathway of feeding relationships among organisms in an ecosystem that results in energy transfer

Food Web

interrelated food chains in an ecosystem

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