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  1. tonicity
  2. passive transport
  3. exocytosis
  4. energy
  5. concentration gradient
  1. a The diffusion of a substance across a biological membrane, without any input of energy.
  2. b The movement of materials out of the cytoplasm of a cell by the fusion of vesicles with the plasma membrane.
  3. c An increase or decrease in the density of a chemical substance in an area. Cells often maintain concentration gradients of ions across their membranes. When a gradient exists, substances tend to move from where they are more concentrated to where they are less concentrated.
  4. d The ability of a solution surrounding a cell to cause that cell to gain or lose water.
  5. e The capacity to perform work, or to rearrange matter.

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  1. In cellular metabolism, the use of energy released from an exergonic reaction to drive an endergonic reaction.
  2. The principle whereby every energy conversion reduces the order of the universe, increasing its entropy. Ordered forms of energy are at least partly converted to heat.
  3. The study of energy transformation that occurs in a collection of matter. See first law of thermodynamics; second law of thermodynamics.
  4. A substance that reduces the activity of an enzyme by binding to the enzyme's active site in place of the substrate. A competitive inhibitor's structure mimics that of the enzyme's substrate.
  5. Referring to a solution that, when surrounding a cell, will cause the cell to take up water.

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  1. coenzymeAn organic molecule serving as a cofactor. Most vitamins function as coenzymes in important metabolic reactions.


  2. osmosisThe diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane.


  3. phosphorylationMethod by which organisms regulate solute concentrations and balance the gain and loss of water.


  4. facilitated diffusionThe spontaneous tendency of a substance to move down its concentration gradient from where it is more concentrated to where it is less concentrated.


  5. metabolismA transport protein in the plasma membrane of some plant or animal cells that facilitates the diffusion of water across the membrane (osmosis).


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