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  1. Transcepts
  2. Vestibule
  3. Canopy (Cemetery Tent)
  4. Chancel
  5. Sarcophagus
  1. a The sides of a Liturgical church in which additional seating is located.
  2. b An unusually ornate and elaborate casket, usually made of very heavy metal, granite or marble; and body may be placed directly in it, or a casketed body may be placed in one as a repository.
  3. c The place about the altar of the church, usually enclosed for clergy and other officials; the sanctuary and choir.
  4. d A portable shelter employed to cover the grave area during the committal.
  5. e See Narthex.

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  1. An imitation of grass made in mat form and used at the cemetery to cover the earth around the grave.
  2. The burning chamber in a crematory.
  3. Belonging to a brother; of or relating to a brotherhood.
  4. A receptacle to receive the casketed remains, providing protection against the elements of the earth; made of concrete, steel, fiber glass or copper.
  5. An underground cemetery for burial purposes.

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  1. PodiumA general term designating those places suitable for the reception of a dead human body.


  2. Disinter (Exhumation)To remove from the grave or tomb; to dig up; exhume.


  3. Star of DavidSee Mogen David.


  4. SuicideTo kill oneself intentionally; deliberate and intentional destruction of his own life.


  5. StillbornThe burning chamber in a crematory.


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