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  1. Adipose Tissue
  2. Duodenum
  3. Exocrine glands differ from endocrine glands in that they _____.
  4. platelets
  5. these two types of transport help maintain the internal environment and metabolism by adjusting the kinds, amounts, and directional movement of substances
  1. a Function in blood clotting
  2. b active and passive
  3. c the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the jejunum
  4. d Energy reservoir where excess carbohydrates and lipids are converted to fats. The fats then form an insulating layer and cushion certain body parts and organs such as kidneys and hearts
  5. e have ducts which carry products to a free epithelial surface

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  1. branched cells, cardiac muscle
  2. neural and endocrine control
  3. cylindrical arrays of proteins span the plasma membrane of adjoining cells. they pair up as open channels for signals between cells. Permit ions and small molecules to pass freely from the cytoplasm of one cell to another.
  4. The theory explaining how muscle contracts, based on change within a sarcomere, the basic unit of muscle organization, stating that thin (actin) filaments slide across thick (myosin) filaments, shortening the sarcomere; the shortening of all sarcomeres in a myofibril shortens the entire myofibril
  5. detect specific stimuli, such as light, heat, and pressure

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  1. Hard palatea connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones and keeps them from rubbing together


  2. Which nerve cells relay commands from the brain or spinal cord to muscle cells?motor neurons


  3. glandssaclike, secretory organs that open to the free epithelial


  4. In ligaments, what thing, found in the tissue matrix, facilitates movements around joints?elastic fibers


  5. Which of the following forms a thick protective barrier that can keep bacteria from entering the body?stratified squamous epithelium


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