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  1. Muscle Tissues
  2. Pharynx
  3. Urinary System
  4. intervertebral disks
  5. Using anatomical terminology, it would be correct to say that the elbow is _____ to the shoulder.
  1. a Consist of many cells arranged parallel to one another, in tight or loose arrays. Coordinated contractions of layers or rings of muscles move the whole body or its component parts
  2. b distal
  3. c Maintains the volume and composition of the internal environment; excretes excess fluid and blood-borne wastes
  4. d seperate backbones from one another
  5. e throat; passageway for food to the esophagus and air to the larynx

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  1. initiate a chain of events that intensify change from an original condition and after a limited time, the intesification reverses the change. Usually associated with instability in a system
  2. Detects external and internal stimuli. Controls and coordinates the responses to stimuli; integrates all organ system activities
  3. between cells
  4. mostly fa substance that fills most mature bones of adults. Can be converted to red marrow in times of need
  5. point where the vagina joins with the urethra

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  1. What is the main type of cell in every tissue in the body except connective tissue?fibroblasts


  2. EctodermThe outer layer of primary tissue. Gives rise to epidermis and the nervous system


  3. plamsafluid portion of blood


  4. cells need these two elements/molecules to survivehas single, unbranching cells, tapered at both ends. Contracts slower, but longer than skeletal muscle. Found in the stomach, bladder, and uterus


  5. Two ways substances can be transported (internally)skeletal


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