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  1. cells need these two elements/molecules to survive
  2. how many vertebrae do humans have?
  3. The structural and physiological characteristics of all plants and animals are specifically adapted to their _____.
  4. endocrine glands
  5. smooth muscle tissue
  1. a has single, unbranching cells, tapered at both ends. Contracts slower, but longer than skeletal muscle. Found in the stomach, bladder, and uterus
  2. b carbon dioxide and oxygen
  3. c have no ducts. they secrete their products, hormones, directly into interstitial fluid
  4. d habitat
  5. e 26

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  1. A group of two or more organs that interact to perform a set of related tasks
  2. genes
  3. strands of proteins running parallel with the free surface of the tissue. they block leaking between adjoining cells. Stop most substances from leaking across a tissue
  4. hardened connective tissue that is the main tissue of bones. Some bones are sites of blood cell formation
  5. melanocytes

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  1. organmoor protein that starts at the center of the sarcomere. forms a cross bridge to actin when the local concentration of calcium ions rises and a bindig site for the myosin's head is exposed


  2. cartilagea connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones and keeps them from rubbing together


  3. herniated diskFunction in blood clotting


  4. Which of the following plant structures functions most like the human reproductive system?flower


  5. Muscle TissuesMoves the body and its internal parts; maintains posture and generates heat


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