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  1. Panting, sweating, and dilation of surface blood vessels in response to overheating are examples of _____.
  2. An epithelium made up primarily of flattened cells is called _____.
  3. cartilage
  4. Programmed cell death is controlled by _____.
  5. red blood cells
  1. a negative feedback
  2. b get oxygen to metabolically active tissues and get rid of carbon dioxide wastes
  3. c a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones and keeps them from rubbing together
  4. d genes
  5. e squamous

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  1. bone cells that break down bone tissue by secreting acids and enzymes into the hardenedmatrix
  2. organ that removes urea, excess water, and other waste products from the blood and passes them to the ureter
  3. a stable fluid environment
  4. cushions and protects the joints between bones
  5. Rapidly delivers oxygen to the tissue fluid that bathes all living cells; removes carbon dioxide wastes of celss

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  1. Fibrous, Irregular Connective TissueMatrix is packed with many fibroblasts and collagen fibers that are positioned every which way. Is a component of skin that supports intestinal muscles and also forms protective capsules around organs that do not stretch much


  2. integratorcentral command post that receives and processes information about stimuli


  3. Negative feedback mechanismhomeostatic control mechanism that reduces the output of the stimulus. fixes changes in the internal environment


  4. Positive and negative feedback help maintain the internal environment in a state of _____.homeostasis


  5. transverse planethe bony part of the roof of the mouth


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