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  1. herniated disk
  2. Lateral
  3. what do all animals and plants require for all of their living cells?
  4. osteoclasts
  5. Programmed cell death is controlled by _____.
  1. a genes
  2. b dislocated intervertebral disk
  3. c bone cells that break down bone tissue by secreting acids and enzymes into the hardenedmatrix
  4. d a stable fluid environment
  5. e toward the outside of the body

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  1. Inner primary tissue layer. Start of the lining of the digestive tract and organs derived from it
  2. patrol, defend, and repair tissues
  3. concentration and removal of substances that are of no use to the body
  4. filters or traps for foreign particles and contain white blood cells
  5. at or near the back of the body

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  1. Panting, sweating, and dilation of surface blood vessels in response to overheating are examples of _____.negative feedback


  2. physiologyvascular tissue responsible for the transport of nutrients and the carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis


  3. sarcoplasmic reticulumorganelle of the muscle fiber that stores calcium


  4. frontal planedivides the body into anterior and posterior


  5. Mucus, saliva, earwax, milk, and digestive enzymes are considered exocrine products because _____.each is produced within an exocrine gland and transported by a duct to a free surface


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