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  1. Integumentary system
  2. dorsal surface
  3. cartilage
  4. Which of the following plant structures would be most comparable to the human vascular system?
  5. The process of homeostasis that tends to cancel or counteract the effects of the original stimulus is called _____.
  1. a Along (or toward) the vertebral surface of the body
  2. b a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones and keeps them from rubbing together
  3. c negative feedback mechanism
  4. d xylem and phloem
  5. e Protects the body from injury, dehydration, and some pathogens. Controls temperature and excretes wastes

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  1. first layer of cells to form in the embryo of nearly all animals
  2. Females produce eggs and males produce sperm that fertilize the egg. Hormones of this system also influence other organ systems
  3. flower
  4. The outer layer of primary tissue. Gives rise to epidermis and the nervous system
  5. Rapidly delivers oxygen to the tissue fluid that bathes all living cells; removes carbon dioxide wastes of celss

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  1. osteoblastsbone forming cells. present on the outer surface and internal cavities of the bones of adults


  2. Interstitial fluid is found _____.between cells


  3. Hard palatethe bony part of the roof of the mouth


  4. secretionmoor protein that starts at the center of the sarcomere. forms a cross bridge to actin when the local concentration of calcium ions rises and a bindig site for the myosin's head is exposed


  5. Kidneyareas of contact or near-contact in between bones


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