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  1. For cells to communicate, a _____ must reversibly bind to a _____.
  2. Surface-to-volume ratio is most critical to which metabolic process?
  3. Which nerve cells relay commands from the brain or spinal cord to muscle cells?
  4. The process of homeostasis that tends to cancel or counteract the effects of the original stimulus is called _____.
  5. interstitial fluid
  1. a motor neurons
  2. b rapid gas exchange
  3. c fills the places between cells and tissues
  4. d negative feedback mechanism
  5. e signal molecule, receptor protein

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  1. epidermis
  2. trapping moisture lost from stomata in folded leaves
  3. distal
  4. homeostatic control mechanism that reduces the output of the stimulus. fixes changes in the internal environment
  5. stratified squamous epithelium

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  1. frontal planein the skull, encases the brain


  2. NeurotransmittersThe middle layer of primary tissue. Start of muscles, bones, and most of the circulatory, urinary, and reproductive systems


  3. cells need these two elements/molecules to survivecarbon dioxide and oxygen


  4. Fibrous, Regular Connective TissueHas orderly rows of fibroblasts between parallel, tightly packed, bundles of fibers. Helps keep tissue from being torn apart whrn placed under mechanical stress. Tendons and ligaments are examples


  5. where are blood cells suspended?plasma


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