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  1. Which of the following plant structures would be most comparable to the human vascular system?
  2. Urinary System
  3. he leaves of the yellow bush lupine conserve water by _____.
  4. cerebrellum
  5. physiology
  1. a trapping moisture lost from stomata in folded leaves
  2. b study of patterns and processes by which an individual survives and reproduces in the environment
  3. c tells the muscle cells how much energy is needed to perform an action
  4. d Maintains the volume and composition of the internal environment; excretes excess fluid and blood-borne wastes
  5. e xylem and phloem

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  1. compartmentalization
  2. keratin fibers
  3. squamous
  4. plasma
  5. Contains the urinary bladder, the reproductive organs, and the last part of the large intestine.

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  1. Kidneyorgan that removes urea, excess water, and other waste products from the blood and passes them to the ureter


  2. notochordcarry out suitable responses to the stimulation


  3. phalangestoe bones


  4. myosinmoor protein that starts at the center of the sarcomere. forms a cross bridge to actin when the local concentration of calcium ions rises and a bindig site for the myosin's head is exposed


  5. Distalcommunity of cells and intercellular substances that are interacting in one or more tasks


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