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  1. Lateral
  2. joints
  3. Muscular System
  4. cells need these two elements/molecules to survive
  5. what does plasma consist of?
  1. a Moves the body and its internal parts; maintains posture and generates heat
  2. b toward the outside of the body
  3. c carbon dioxide and oxygen
  4. d areas of contact or near-contact in between bones
  5. e proteins, gases, ions, sugars, and other substances that are dissolved in it

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  1. organelle of the muscle fiber that stores calcium
  2. the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the jejunum
  3. splits the top and bottom of a body
  4. have no ducts. they secrete their products, hormones, directly into interstitial fluid
  5. soil, air, animals, water, and plants in the area

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  1. Organ systems of nearly all animal are controlled by what?neural and endocrine control


  2. epitheliaTissues that cover the internal and external surfaces of the body, the cells of which are held together with specialized structures such as tight junctions. Arise from the ectoderm


  3. stratified epitheliumsplits the top and bottom of a body


  4. Proximalclose to a point of reference


  5. Neuronscarry out suitable responses to the stimulation


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