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  1. Surface-to-volume ratio is most critical to which metabolic process?
  2. Mesoderm
  3. The activity of _____ results in a tan after adequate exposure to the sun.
  4. Neurotransmitters
  5. where do gland cells occur?
  1. a rapid gas exchange
  2. b in epithelia
  3. c The middle layer of primary tissue. Start of muscles, bones, and most of the circulatory, urinary, and reproductive systems
  4. d Signaling molecules that diffuse to another cell
  5. e melanocytes

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  1. saclike, secretory organs that open to the free epithelial
  2. a stable fluid environment
  3. muscle, bone
  4. Tissues that cover the internal and external surfaces of the body, the cells of which are held together with specialized structures such as tight junctions. Arise from the ectoderm
  5. Moves the body and its internal parts; maintains posture and generates heat

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  1. Integumentary systemProtects the body from injury, dehydration, and some pathogens. Controls temperature and excretes wastes


  2. Which muscle type is classified as voluntary?Three


  3. connective tissueHave connecting roles in the body. Structurally or functoinally support, bind, seperate, and in one case, insulate other tissues


  4. Exocrine glands differ from endocrine glands in that they _____.Three


  5. In which tissues could abundant collagen and elastin be found?connective tissues


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