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  1. habitat
  2. what does plasma consist of?
  3. plamsa
  4. red marrow
  5. Muscle Tissues
  1. a fluid portion of blood
  2. b proteins, gases, ions, sugars, and other substances that are dissolved in it
  3. c place where individuals of a species normally live
  4. d major site of blood cell formation that fills the spaces in spongy bone
  5. e Consist of many cells arranged parallel to one another, in tight or loose arrays. Coordinated contractions of layers or rings of muscles move the whole body or its component parts

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  1. when a functionally specialized substance (especially one that is not a waste) is released from a gland or cell
  2. Osteoblasts that have became imprisoned in small chambers after secreting matrix material around themelves. Most common cells in bony adult tissue
  3. carry out suitable responses to the stimulation
  4. active transport
  5. The theory explaining how muscle contracts, based on change within a sarcomere, the basic unit of muscle organization, stating that thin (actin) filaments slide across thick (myosin) filaments, shortening the sarcomere; the shortening of all sarcomeres in a myofibril shortens the entire myofibril

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  1. interneuronsreceive and integrate sensory information. sore the bits that hold meaning and coordinate the body's short term and long term responses to stimuli


  2. most common type of feedback mechanismhomeostatic control mechanism that reduces the output of the stimulus. fixes changes in the internal environment


  3. SarcomereThe middle layer of primary tissue. Start of muscles, bones, and most of the circulatory, urinary, and reproductive systems


  4. The protective mechanism in which plants release signal molecules that diffuse to undamaged tissues is called _____.a stable fluid environment


  5. plateletsat or near the back of the body


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