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  1. osteoclasis
  2. The Tissues of Bone: endosteum
  3. osteoporotic hip fracture
  4. percutaneous vertebroplasty
  5. spondyl/o
  1. a A minimally invasive procedure performed to treat osteoporosis-related compression fractures of the spine.
  2. b usually caused by a weakening of the bones due to osteoporosis and can occur either spontaneously or as the result of a fall
  3. c surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity
  4. d the tissue that lines the medullary cavity (end- means within, oste means bone, and -um is a noun ending).
  5. e vertebrae

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  1. binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
  2. inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration
  3. is the smooth, rubbery, blue-white connective tissue that acts as a shock absorber between bones. Cartilage, which is more elastic than bone, also makes up the flexible parts
    of the skeleton such as the outer ear and the tip of the nose.
  4. blood within a joint
  5. death of bone tissue

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  1. paget's diseaseinflammation of the periosteum


  2. pathologic fractureragged break occurs when excessive twisting forces are applied to a bone


  3. Landmarks of Bones: diaphysisis the shaft of a long bone


  4. Landmarks of Bones: epiphysiswhich is covered with articular cartilage, is the wide end of a long bone. The proximal epiphysis is the end of the bone located nearest to the midline of the body. The distal epiphysis is the end of the bone located farthest away from the midline.


  5. scoli/ospinal cord, bone marrow


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