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  1. dual x-ray absorptiometry
  2. myeloma
  3. spina bifida
  4. osteopenia
  5. ankylosing spondylitis
  1. a chronic, progressive arthritis with stiffening of joints, primarily of the spine
  2. b congenital defect in the vertebral column caused by the failure of the vertebral arch to close
  3. c a tumor of the bone marrow (usually malignant) composed of cells normally found in bone marrow
  4. d abnormal reduction of bone mass
  5. e a low-exposure radiographic measurement of the spine and hips to measure bone density

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  1. 26 small bones that make up your backbone
  2. Cartilage (type of connective tissue)
  3. originating within an individual
  4. blood within a joint
  5. the tissue that lines the medullary cavity (end- means within, oste means bone, and -um is a noun ending).

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  1. Bone Marrow: Red bone marrowis located within the spongy bone, is hemopoietic tissue that manufactures red blood cells, hemoglobin, white blood cells, and thrombocytes. These types of cells are discussed in Chapter 5. Hemopoietic (hee-moh poy-ET-ick) means pertaining to the formation of blood cells (hem/o means blood, and -poietic means pertaining to formation). This term is also spelled hematopoietic.


  2. Cartilaginous Joints: pubic symphysisis the cartilaginous joint known that allows some movement to facilitate childbirth. This joint is located between the pubic bones in the anterior (front) of the pelvis


  3. fibrous dysplasiasurgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity


  4. crepitationa specialist in care for the feet


  5. Landmarks of Bones: diaphysiswhich is covered with articular cartilage, is the wide end of a long bone. The proximal epiphysis is the end of the bone located nearest to the midline of the body. The distal epiphysis is the end of the bone located farthest away from the midline.


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