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  1. metacarpals
  2. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  3. The Tissues of Bone: Periosteum
  4. osteoarthritis
  5. osteorrhaphy
  1. a the tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone (perimeans
    surrounding, oste means bone, and -um is a
    noun ending).
  2. b chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints
  3. c bones of the hand
  4. d the surgical suturing, or wiring together, of bones
  5. e an autoimmune disorder that affects children aged 16 years or less with symptoms that include stiffness, pain, joint swelling, skin rash, fever, slowed growth, and fatigue

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  1. softening of cartilage
  2. surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity
  3. is located within the spongy bone, is hemopoietic tissue that manufactures red blood cells, hemoglobin, white blood cells, and thrombocytes. These types of cells are discussed in Chapter 5. Hemopoietic (hee-moh poy-ET-ick) means pertaining to the formation of blood cells (hem/o means blood, and -poietic means pertaining to formation). This term is also spelled hematopoietic.
  4. an abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the great toe (bunion)
  5. covers the surfaces of bones where they come
    together to form joints. This cartilage makes smooth joint movement possible and protects the bones from rubbing against each other

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  1. autologousoriginating within an individual


  2. The Tissues of Bone: Spongy bonelighter, and not as strong, as compact bone. This type of bone is commonly found in the ends
    and inner portions of long bones such as the femur. Red bone marrow is located within this spongy bone.


  3. internal fixationdry, grating sound or sensation caused by bone ends rubbing together, indicating a fracture or joint destruction


  4. arthrolysissurgical fusion of a joint


  5. orthopedic surgeonbone fracture that breaks through the skin


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