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  1. Once the MD has achieved the designation of "Board Certified," he/she must ___.
  2. Endorsement
  3. Provider
  4. List and define three catagories of nurses found in the healthcare setting and compare their education and their scope of practice.
  5. Medical Transcriptionist
  1. a 1. LPN : care for the disabled, the sick, and the convalescent under the supervision of physicians or registered nurses.
    2. NP: a licensed RN with a BSN. They may examine, diagnose, and treat clients. They practice under their basic RN license and in most states they may supervise MA's.
    3. LVN: scope of practice is the same as the LPN.
  2. b They MD must recertify every 2 to 7 years.
  3. c An agreement in which one state recognizes the licensing procedure of another state, considers it valid, and grants a license to practice; sometimes referred to reciprocity.
  4. d Person who may or may not have formal education; will have superior medical terminology as well as keyboarding and grammar skills; transcibes medical dictation.
  5. e Any healthcare professional who examines, diagnoses, and treats individuals; including MD's and DO's.

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  1. True
  2. Legal permission, granted by state statutes, to perform specific acts; for instance, a physician is licensed to practice medicine.
  3. documentation usually from a professional organization that an individual has met certain requirements and standardss set forth by that organization
  4. A grauduate from a 4 year college or university program in medical technology that includes 1 year of clinical experience in the laboratory. MT's perform complex tests and analyses, ensure accuracy of testing, and may supervise medical laboratory technicians.
  5. A graduate from a certificate or associate degree program who works under the supervision of a provider or medical technologist in a laboratory preparing specimens and operating automated analyzers.

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  1. Physician Assistant : PAPerson with 1 to 4 years of education in an approved PA program; a PA works under the supervision of the physician.


  2. Tickler FileA chronological file used as a reminder to do specific tasks on schedule; usually daily, weekly, or monthly.


  3. Registrationdocumentation usually from a professional organization that an individual has met certain requirements and standardss set forth by that organization


  4. Medical / Professional CoderPerson who assists the provider in both adminstrative and clinical duties; education varies from on the job instruction to 2 years in an accredited program for medical assisting.


  5. PhysicianA provider who is identified by law as a doctor of medicine : MD or a doctor of osteopathic medicine: OD.


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